Online scheduling: my calendars
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FireShot Capture - .__ BOOKITIT __._ - https___app.bookitit.com_VmJUYA4mVWA1.3- My calendars 

Now you can edit your agendas. First let's stop to think what an agenda and what is it used, therefore the process is completely intuitive.

Agendas will be those who receive citations, so we mark what services are offered each. Assigns an agenda for each separate element of your business ; It can be an employee, a living room, a sports court or any other resource.

FireShot Capture - .__ BOOKITIT __._ - https___app.bookitit.com_XGkBOl4gVjlIf at any time you want to check what is the result of your settings, go back to Control Panel and click "Do you want to see your widget in action?", within Integration.

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It is very similar to what we've done before with groups of services, the aim is separated into logical groups agenda by type of services the offer as a worker or a space...

- Do clicking on "Categories" , give name and then " Add Categories".

- Returns to the previous screen giving the black arrow on the top left that corresponds to go back.

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- We will name the calendar (Mary, tanning room, football field...).

- Add the email and the phone number you want to reach notices reserves appointments: Company or directly from the worker.

- Select the category to which it belongs (the category you just programmed)

- He notes the services (which we configured above) which provides that agenda.

- Having reached this point, save.

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That's when you icon that will alert you that "The online quote is not enabled" appears,  this online calendar is not visible in the widget for customers, so they can not book on this agenda. This can be useful if you want to save yourself the option to do yourself, but if you want your customers themselves they can hire this online calendar do not forget to activate it. How Come? Click on the icon and it will take you to schedule this agenda.

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- Access to the calendar schedule of that agenda. At the moment we are working on the schedule that we set for our online business.

- Therefore, they are disabled those hours that had marked in "closed" for your business. You can not let them book on a schedule that previously have not allowed; if you want to change this, simply return to the Opening from the Control Panel and change it.FireShot Capture - .__ BOOKITIT __._ - https___app.bookitit.com_V2IJMgh2Vjl

-  Moreover, what we had designated as "open" now, appears as "online " as the default . This is what we must change if our goal is that this agenda appears in the widget and accessible to our customers.

- Once selections in "online" the schedule you want the notice "Online Quote is not enabled "will become" This agenda can receive online dating ".

FireShot Capture - .__ BOOKITIT __._ - https___app.bookitit.com_VWAEP1wiXDM

- Now you must check the schedule on the agenda, or what time want it to be published and accessible on the widget to the online appointment (remember not necessarily coincide ) . So ...

- Consider whether you want to open the online quote this agenda partially or completely.

- Note (within the opening hours of your center and availability of this agenda ) which is the time in which it can serve the public . That is, if we talk about the agenda of a worker , in addition to working hours will think , in the hours devoted to such cleaning or counting cash and therefore can not serve the public; if the calendar corresponds to a tennis court not we include online schedule times it is subject to maintenance.

- Save again and follow the same steps for the next agenda.


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You can edit or delete it.


Edit notifications. It's you choose at what time you notify who and how;

- Configure when and who want to receive notifications in each case, by what means, and how far in advance. Here also you configure notices to customers who sign up to this agenda.

- You also have the option to send an email with the full list of appointments for the next day 's agenda as both the administrator via email.

reservas-online-1-3_agendas_vacaciones-BookititEdit Holidays

- Click "Add new holiday".

- Marca la fecha de inicio y la de fin.

- You can write a short summary.

- You can edit or delete it.


Edit settings or options appointment calendar icon tools

1. Advanced tools for Appointments.

- The minimum advance you want the online booking.

- The minimum and maximum advance that users can see in the online agenda.

- The minimum advance with which users can cancel an appointment.


2. Confirmed appointments and user validation.

- You have the option to confirm the online dating you receive before they are inserted into the calendar.

- You can also make users must send a code (SMS or send them by e- mail , you decide) to validate the appointment.


3. Widget size interval. I mean, how often do you want to offer appointments?

- You can do that depends on the duration of each service or assign a time.


4. Activate the setting shifts

- This is how many customers (turns) will be able to meet that agenda in the range of minutes we decide at once. Therefore , if we choose two shifts in 40 minutes we are setting the agenda to address them at a time.

- We have the option to "Assign to All" to apply to all hours of the agenda.

- You can also add an exception . That is, you can do that you can not reserve a particular day for a particular agenda.

- Click in  “Assign exceptions” and you arribe to a new screen when you can choose de date on the calendar.

- By selecting the time period it will open a calendar like this, where you have the option of saying how many turns can receive at a time.

- You can add a description.

- Or you can offer it on an agenda book as an exception , that is, you allow that agenda appointments in a timely manner

- We will put in "default Shifts" the number 0. Therefore, it can not receive online dating.

- Now, you can assign exception in order to create a new segment on a calendar.

FireShot Capture - .__ BOOKITIT __._ - https___app.bookitit.com_BzJXbF0jVDs

reservas-online-1-3_agendas_horario-BookititEdit your calendar's schedule. This option would make changes in the schedule of the agenda that we have set in the previous step . that is, we would give the information necessary for the system to know at what point the phonebook can receive appointments .

- Other variations on the schedule: the agenda setting shift.

- If one of my employees will provide training courses?

- It is set up and add a new service on a new agenda Agenda: creating a service and create an agenda in these hours.

- You must configure the calendar shift, with the number of turns (customers ) at the same time we want. For example, if the course is for up to 25 people, this is the figure .

- In the range of minutes indicate the duration of the class group.


- If we want to ensure a minimum of students only we have to enable confirmation of the appointments on the agenda that we have created, in the manner we indicated earlier it is done .

- If the worker who teaches the course is one that works usually will have to decide on their schedule another agenda with a new opening hours.


You can also import ICS

- ICS is the format of the quotes, notices or proposals for your personal calendar (such as Google calendar, Yahoo! Calendar, Outlook...).

-When you import the ICS, you will add your personal calendar appointments you have scheduled in your Bookitit's agenda.

- How to get the ICS ?

1. Google Calendar

- Click on the drop-down arrow next to the name of calendar you want to export and select Calendar settings. Another way to do this is, in the drop-down arrow My Calendars, select Settings and select the desired calendar.

-At the bottom of the page you'll find in the "Private Address" section iCal button. First click on it and then click the URL that will show.

2. Yahoo! Calendar

Click on the left column and displays the calendar you want to export.

Click on the arrow on the right and select export.

3. Outlook

File Displays the top menu, and click Import and Export.

Select Export to a file in the Run action.

You must select a folder to export: Calendar.

Once you've followed these steps you just have to save the file in a place you can easily locate for when you must look from Bookitit . And you can enjoy all your appointments on your calendar online prior appointment Bookitit .

In addition, when an email is sent to a client, the appointment will appear in ICS format. That is, the customer can add the event to your personal calendar, modify or cancel it from there.


5. SHOW MY APPOINTMENTS IN OTHER CALENDARS (iCal, Outlook, Google Calendar…)

We improve our system and now you can visualize Bookitit calendars in iCal, Google Calendar and Outlook. Look the turorial here.



This is very useful when you manually add a service to the online calendar appointments Bookitit visual and functional function. Before the services corresponding to the calendar you selected an arrow as it will appear "->" . Will order and bring the correspondence between service and agenda.

- This is useful because the Bookitit online booking system is designed so that when you add a date manually, you can choose any service in any calendar, but is not configured to be compatible to offer it in the widget. That is, we differentiate between what you offer in the widget ( to follow a more rigid schemes for customers ) and what you yourself can decide on the spot .

For example , you may want to not be offered online widget appointment online reservation service for your hairdresser worker Julian (corresponding with an agenda), but you may want to manually add a specific day. Or, the room where you do not offer massages to waxing on the widget . But you have the ability to offer if you add it manually in your calendar Bookitit.

you will locate services that are usually associated with each agenda. So remember: arrow service is a service associated with the selected schedule, without arrow it is not.


1. Dependent calendars.

- Within each book (you'll go through the pencil icon) you will find the "If this agenda depends on other agendas for your reservation, set here".

FireShot Capture - .__ BOOKITIT __._ - https___app.bookitit.com_UmdUbwt1BWp

- This functionality will allow automatically hour lock into agendas that depend on another agenda that has received an online booking, ie it comes to link the availability of an agenda with that of another. For example, if Mary is in charge of the physiotherapy treatments have to link your agenda with the room where they are made, we can even make also depends on the availability of equipment.

- First you must check the box "This agenda depends on other agendas" and then have the option to decide if, when we create and appointment  (name of the agenda ) what we would choose...

- An appointment is believed in all your dependent calendars.

- That is, the correspondence between the related agenda is complete. In this case, to book an appointment in a calendar, other options should be blocked.

- For example, you will reserve football fields dependent on a sports hall, in which there is a football field 11 which, if not being used as such, is used as two football 7; therefore, if the agenda of the soccer field 11 is reserved , the two soccer 7 will be blocked , and if any of the football 7 contract, the 11 football unavailable.

- Other example, that the meeting be held in a free slot of any dependent agendas. That is, a schedule can be used by two other calendars, but not simultaneously : if it locked, and the other can not.

- Imagine you have a single cabin where massage and two employees trained for it ( Ana and Julia ) ; Ana this way if one of our workers is hired to do a massage in that cabin, Julia can not offer massage services during that time.

- Then select the agenda or agendas dependent and services for which the agency is active.


2. An agenda to manage others.

That is, how to set up online booking for online dating are distributed between our agendas. If we make several agendas are dependent on each other the customer will see on different displays schedules for each of the agendas. We can improve this if we use an agenda to manage that are dependent on each other : the customer does not matter what schedule you are going to quote, but at what time. To do so you have to do is :

- Create a directory in which to bring together the other.

- Select a date to believe in a free slot of any dependent agendas.

- Make that depends on the agendas of which we speak , and select the services they offer.