Online scheduling: holidays
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1.4- Holidays 

The Bookitit online scheduling system allows you to configure both days or company holiday periods such as holidays associated with each of our agendas. Company Festive indicate the days when the company is closed completely when is not open to the public. Instead, holidays in a calendar only affect that agenda (resource, employee, machine, sports court, etc).

- If you want to add holidays to the company, just press "Add holiday". Just select the date range and, if you like, add a little description. Then, we go to the widget and check the holiday period, it does not give you the option to book .


                            - Also, you can onfigure the hoidays of each employee:

                                                                 - Go to "my calendar".

                                                                 - "Edit calendar's holidays".  FireShot Capture - .__ BOOKITIT __._ - https___app.bookitit.com_BzYIOgs1VmU

                                                                 - "Add new holiday" (We find the same screen as in the previous configuration). We can add more than one period of holidays.

                                                                 - "Save" settings.

                         Once configured, go to the widget booking your vacation check are set correctly.