Sistema de reservas online Bookitit: listado de clientes
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FireShot Capture - .__ BOOKITIT __._ - https___app.bookitit.com_BTAGPVwiVzg2.1 Customer list 

The list of customers may find useful. It therefore users who hire date with you online as those who notes you an appointment in the calendar of Bookitit manually recorded.

FireShot Capture - .__ BOOKITIT __._ - https___app.bookitit.com_U2ZXbAl3VTo

1-. For manually add customers from the customer list panel:

1.1 You can start adding customers clicking on "New Customer". You'll have the option to write your email, phone number, name and even a description if you think fit.

1.2 You can give web access

- This refers to them from the user account that you believe them, you can book appointments online, because if they have hired through the widget will have web access, if not, no. This way you can give yourself.

-This is useful if, for example, you work with Bookitit in your day to day comes a new customer or client that you had registered on your list. You can create you a record at the time for yourself and give the data to hire online dating through your widget.

- You will access this option through the action edit (the pencil icon) reservas-online-2-1_listadoclientes_editar-Bookitit

- Pressed client web access.

- For this you must fill in the email, mobile, customer name and also assign a password. You can enable the option " Send mail with account details " that all this information reaches your mail

edit cliente y acceso web

1.3 Or you can "export" a list that you have already done.

1.4 Also, there is the option to add restrictions. In this way you will select the phone, or e-mail domain you want to avoid booking appointments on your business. At any time you can remove the restriction .

2- On each client you will find different actions:

FireShot Capture - .__ BOOKITIT __._ - https___app.bookitit.com_U2ZXbAl3VTo11

reservas-online-2-1_listadoclientes_editar-Bookitit - Edit your information.

reservas-online-2-1_historial-Bookitit - Edit customer history with the clock icon with the arrow back.

reservas-online-2-1_notificacion-Bookitit - Send a notification. You can choose between SMS and email. Remember that you can edit text from emails and sms texts ( in Settings).

reservas-online-2-1_acciones_cancelar-Bookitit - Delete the client.

reservas-online-2-1_acciones_bloquear-Bookitit - Block customer. Just as in the restrictions, can cancel blocking anytime