Sistema de reservas online: mi centro
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<h3 style="text-align: justify;"><span style="font-family: Liberation Serif,serif;"><span style="font-size: medium;"><strong>1.3- Festivos de la empresa</strong></span></span></h3>

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2.3 My company

1- This is where you provide data center such as:

- Name

 - CIF

 - Telephone numbers

- Email

- Address, zip code, country, province, city...

- web

- Time Settings

- Change your password to one that will be easier to remember. We recommend that you do.

2- You can also dial options like ...

- Limit dating a certain period of time to the same IP address; this will prevent you from making the same computer at a given time the number of appointments you decide. This will help to give more security to the system.

- Customers can only order online appointment for a service when they have no other outstanding reservation for the same service.

- Report on the calendar if a client attended the meeting.

- This application control systems allow you to mark appointments or reservations to which the client has gone and no. Once this option is selected we can dial it from the main calendar . A square marked with the words "The client came to the quote" appears. It will be available for both appointments that you have added manually as those that have been reserved online for your customers. This will be marked in the history of appointments or reservations of the file for each client.

3- Use locators for appointments

- Once we activate this service it will be visible in the calendar. It is assigned to each appointment a pager (which is a code of letters and numbers) that will be useful or find throughout our calendar appointment quickly. That is, if out of all our calendar we want to find a specific event will we simply enter the code in the search engine this option enabled on the calendar; You can send this code in each email and / or SMS that is sent to confirm the appointment ( you have to add the tag "% locator" on personalization of emails).

 - For example , imagine that we will ask our supplier we use a special product with customer allergic to the product we use regularly . We need to know what day will come to order more or less urgency . To keep track quotes and daily appointment calendar Bookitit our only have to enter the pager was sent to confirm the appointment, and the search engine will point us quickly code

- You can consult the tutorial that explain it, here .

FireShot Capture - .__ BOOKITIT __._ - https___app.bookitit.com_AjdUb1wiB2g

4- Client controller:

You can check if your costumers attended the book. This tool is very useful to know if your customers come to appointments and to take a more personalized tracking for each user. To do this, you just follow the steps that we offer below.