Sistema de reservas online Bookitit: usuarios y perfiles
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With the configuration of this section you will decide who you want to give access to each agenda. You will create a profile with a certain kind of hits and capabilities, and then you can add users in detallarás you what kind of profile belongs and what agendas have those licenses.

You can create profiles with different licenses (which you can view and edit roughly things) and simultaneously, choose independently the agendas for each user, depending on the type of profile that you assign can access.

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For example, you want to share all information and access to your manager, so that you shall assign a profile with full privileges. But your other workers just want to let them change things in their own agendas, for what would create a profile with the necessary access and vision and profile each with access to their own agenda only.

1- First create a profile by clicking on "Profile" and " Add Profile"

- Name it and select what can be edited and what can be seen from the profile.

- You can edit and delete anytime.

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2- In that way,  you are ready to create a new user on "add user"

                        - You must choose the email with which you access and give a password (you can choose whether to send it to the same email).

                        - Indicate whether you want to have the ability to recharge sms

                        - Draws what agendas have access

                        - And tell which profile will belong

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 Here are the steps you must follow to make your online booking system Bookitit a multi-user version, as we show here too.