Sistema de reservas online Bookitit: pasarela de pago
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3.2 Payment gateway

The first thing to do is enter a prefix for reference citations , ie a code to identify the receipts. May be the initials of the company, its name, a numeric code...

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We show you the different payment methods:

1. Bookitit Payments

- This is the payment gateway from Bookitit that manages your service receipts and enter them into your bank account. With it, you will not have to worry about anything, we take care of everything. You will not need you contact your bank branch or find a payment gateway.

- First, send an email to to activate the service. 

- Bookitit issued monthly deposit into your account minus 6% of its total reserves payment services created through Bookitit. If a month has had no reservation, no problem, no charge will be issued.

- Only valid for services with the following currencies: EUR, USD, GBP, AUD, USD, CLP, BRL, ARS.

- To receive the transfer you can choose to give your bank account or email your Paypal business account .

2. Paypal

- PayPal is the most widely used online payment method. To use it simply, you just have to enlist a PayPal account in

- Once you have available in your account, simply enter in Bookitit the email address used for PayPal and URL below.

- Here is the URL of your website page where the widget will be housed. IMPORTANT: you must keep in mind that for the gateway to function properly widget reservation must be integrated into a web page, which will be introduced in this field.

- You must select mode "live".

3. Wire Transfer. As stated in the description , you have to insert the information necessary for the transfer: account number, payment instructions ...

4. To activate the pre-paid, you must follow these three steps:

-To work with this function, the services you want to apply should enable the prepayment option. Check that enabled entering Services from the Control Panel,  edit the service (by clicking on the pencil), say Yes to "Do you want your customers to make a prepayment of service?" And add the desired amount

- After checking this, go to the payment gateway, select paragraph Paypal Live mode, unless you want to test, for which you must click "test".After that, choose mode "live again" in order to activate the pre-paid service for your costumers:

a)You must have a business account active in Paypal, which will be given you an email from your business account, which is the information you need to put in the first box.

b) In the second box we asked the URL below. It is the exact address where you want the widget to appear on your reservation website from which the  customer is booking and making payment.

c) PayPal allows you, on the one hand to receive payments through the PayPal account and, on the other hand, by credit card.


- Finally, we must go to Integration, copy the text that is in the box "Copy the code and paste to your web page" (full and accurate, or not work) and paste it int the source code of your own website, exactly where you want the widget to appear reservation.