Add special hours for specific dates

Bookitit Reservation System allows you to configure special hours on specific dates for each of your agendas; For example, you can create an intensive day schedule only for the month of July, maintaining the normal schedule for the rest of the year.

To configure special hours follow these steps:

1. Access to the Control Panel and click My Calendars.

2. Click on the clock icon to access the agenda schedule.

3. At the top right menu, click on the “Add special schedule for specific dates” button to access the special hours page.

4. Press the “Create new special schedule” button.

5. A new calendar view will open with all the the slots as “closed” mode.

6. Select a date range and if you want add a description (for example, August Schedule).

7. Select the option you want with the buttons “Available”, “Available, there is no online appointment” or “Closed” to mark it on the calendar; Drag your mouse across the calendar slots you want to change.

8. Save the changes and you will return to the Special Hours page, where the new special hours you just created will appear.

9. On this page you can setup new special schedules, or delete those that you no longer want to use.