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How to set up your services for clients in Bookitit?

The online Reservation and Appointment application Bookitit allows you to configure and adapt all features and functions of our online scheduling application, in order for you to be able to adjust our application perfectly to the needs of your business. We will explain here everything you need to know about how to setup your services for clients, Which will increase customers ease and satisfaction In the dashboard menu you can enter the service set up by clicking on Service center. Once inside you will see this image. Click on the image to enlarge. Below we will highlight the most important features of this configuration. 1. After entering the name and price of the service you are able to enter the amount of time the service will take. In order to organize your services in different categories you can create groups. Click on add/edit group in order to create groups. You can select if the service will be published on the reservation application which customers can access and use to make reservations on your own web site or Facebook page. 2. The application allows you to offer services that allows several people to make simultaneous reservations in the same or multiple […]

Set Email and SMS Notifications with Bookitit One of the main characteristics of Bookitit is the possibility to manage, send and receive notifications in order to fully control your online reservation calender. With Bookitit it is really easy to access and add information, Bookitit has been developed in order to be adaptable to your business. Bookitit allows you to configure these notifications and alerts to be adjusted to the persons they are intended to. And all you have to do is mark a box, easy isn’t it? You are able to set notifications per calendar. Go to Dashboard → My Organizers → Actions/message symbol. Click to enlarge image In the first screenshot on top you can see three groups “Notify My center When”; “Notify Agenda_name of agenda_ when”; “Notify customer when” Furthermore you have to select for each option which kind of notification you prefer, An text message or an e-mail. This way you are able to send automatic messages according to your wishes. When these configuration are set, please take a look at the second part of the configuration. Here you can set reminders for your employees to you and your customers. Bookitit allows you to send reminders and messages to clients who made online […]

Training & Educational sector successful with Online Scheduling

More and more organizations in training and educational sector manage their reservation of courses online. Institutions like Language schools, driving schools and other training centers experience growth through the possibilities of online marketing. A growing amount of institutions see the opportunities and benefits of managing their course reservation online to improve their results. In the next infographic you can see the growth and forecast of language schools and other educational centers who manage their course reservation online with Bookitit. So far this year, Bookitit has already managed 50% of the total amount of 2013 in online reservations and bookings for organizations in the training and educational sectors. For the coming quarters we expect a significant growth in online reservations and bookings compared to 2013. Among these organization in these sector are Language schools, driving schools and other training and information centers. Nowadays students or potential customers who are interested in training or courses will search the Internet for information and prices. With the online scheduling application Bookitit, you are able to offer these searching customers the possibility to book the courses they want directly from your webpage. For more and more Language schools, driving schools it becomes clear that online […]