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Appointment report with data users · Bookitit online appointment system

by admin

To take a correct control of your business it is necessary to know information about your clients and their bookings. To know how many bookings there have been in a certain period, how many people have attended to their appointments, etc., benefits your management because you can make a precise and exact study of your business. With the Bookitit online booking system yo can get these reports quickly and comfortably from your dashboard. So, to get to them go to the Dashboard and select Reports. Once you are inside, below the Appointment graphic, select More Information and it will direct you to a new page with a more extended report about the appointments.     If you want a event more precise report about your users, select the date or dates from when you want the report. After that, in the drop list below Type of report, select Appointments report with data users. Besides, you will be able to filter by agenda and services for a more detailes report.     Once you have established all the filters that you want, click on the botton Create and below it will appear the report you were looking for.     Clicking […]

How to manage the appointments through the browser in your phone? · Bookitit online scheduling system

by admin

Since the recent changes of Google with the version 9 of Android that has afected to the view of the Bookitit app, we have developed a new list of appointments view  for the phone. In this way, to manage appointments through your phone, you will have to go to your browser and introduce: This browser version adapts perfectlly to your phone, as the app. Here you will register with your e-mail and password.     Once you are in your account, you will be able to view and manage your appointments with the new mode easily and comfortably.     In case that you want to see the complete clanedar, as the view of the computer, you only will have to configure ir from the set up of your browser in your phone. This way, you will only have to select the option to do it. In each browser the text is different. Here we show you two examples. This one with Google Chrome:     This one with Mozilla Firefox:     Once you have configured this option, you will be able to see the calendar as in your computer:     This is how you are going to […]

Manage your groups for tourist guides with the Bookitit online appointment system

by admin

With the Bookitit online booking system it is very easy to organize services for groups. It is very usefull specially if thw activity of your company develops around groups of people. Today we are going to talk about the utility of the online appointment with Bookitit for groups for tourist gruides, for cities, rural environments or museums. Firstly, we have to highlight that the Bookitit online booking engine facilitates and empowers remarkably the recruitment. Since it is an online platform and facilitates you the integration of the booking widget in your website, your Facebook page or Instagram profile, it will make your offer more visible to every user in the net, empowering your business needs. It allows that any person, form any part of the world, can book your services at any time and any day of the week. Don’t loose any client for not asnwering a call or because the call is not made. The easier you are to contact, the more potencial costumers you will have.     But there is still more: the flexibility of our online appointment system makes you possible to choose, not only which days and how often you want to offer visit turns, […]