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Enjoy this summer for free if you contract Bookitit now!

Here comes the summer and Bookitit want you to enjoy it. We launched the promotion for you to hire now, pay a month, and enjoy free Bookitit until 30 September. We want this summer to relax you, and we work for you and improve the quality of your free time. Last year statistics indicate that the use of an online booking system is beneficial for any business that sells services. The new technologies are part of our daily life and also of our routines of consumption. It no longer requires waiting, no queues, no phone to make an appointment call. With Bookitit, your customers can make reservations so online at any time of day from the place where you are, with three easy steps, and besides, not only you will have a line booking system but also from a synchronized agenda it is automatically updated when someone makes a reservation. Thus, you’ll be aware of your business and your employees from any place where you are, without sacrificing holidays and beach days. What you have to do? Try our online appointment system, hires this month and you will not have to pay until October. The sooner you register, the more […]

The mobile application is it available now for iOS and Android

The mobile application it is available now for iOS and Android. The wait is worth it and now you can use your booking system and appointment also for your mobile devices, tablets… How to do it? If you are iPhone, go to the App Store, write Bookitit and immediately you can register and have your app on your mobile devices. If you are Android access into your Play Store Area and search for the app Bookitit. Quickly and easily you can enter your account Bookitit, but if you aren’t already a user of the online platform , you can register in just two steps and start configuring your system online appointment booking from anywhere. What are the advantages of using Bookitit’s app? Our app is focused on business and not the end customer. It is designed in a very visual and attractive innovations and features to make it a functional app and be used daily, “Bookitit Pocket becomes your working tool”. Using an app is fast and easy. Users can register and then access easily and quickly (data are remembered, so saving time). You can register yourself without going to the website and you can start immediately to square your schedule and your […]

Bookitit customers receive 74% of all their appointments through the online booking system

We have finished a study on statistics of users who use Bookitit as a tool for managing schedules and reservations online. The data for 2014 are an indicator of the potential and possibilities offered by a system of prior online booking and appointment to the service sector. The trend of selling through Internet is growing, and today not only sell products but e -commerce can be adapted to any type of services through online booking systems that not only improve time management and optimize working hours but also, sell services through websites or Facebook. Statistics from 2014 show that people who use booking system Bookitit has increased prior appointment online by 74 % over the previous year, only 26 % of customers still using the traditional book as a way to make their appointments. These figures demonstrate the adaptation of traditional client to new technologies and today the more facilities you offer to your customers, the more productive your business would be. The reservation system Bookitit in three easy steps allows your customers to order their appointments at any time of day and from where they are located and automatically updates your calendar online at the time. Following the 2014 study, […]