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Bookitit, The online booking application now in your mobile

We have developed Bookitit Pocket to make your work easier. With our app you can make your efforts easier and direct from everywhere, comfortable visually and more atractive and intuitive. The app has all the features that gives you access to Bookitit agenda through Internet, but now, quickly and from any mobile device (Android, Tablet, iPhone, iPad) can manage your schedule online and set your services in a few simple steps. The current trend is to download apps daily to all kinds of activities; leisure, work, entertainment, communication… 2014 Studies 3’8 million apps downloaded daily. This suggests that users and consumers of smartphones use your phone or tablet in very different ways, you could say that the phone today are multitasking; We can carry out several activities at once from your mobile device. Using mobile not only for entertainment but also in the workplace,because nowadays we took the mobile with us everywhere. Statistics show that the prime time of increased use of apps is from 18.00 to 21.00. This indicates that the increase is related to the free time, however, in these hours there is increased the use of apps related to the workplace. With Pocket Bookitit you’ll be on top of […]

Advantages of using the Bookitit Report Panel

Have you got a Bookitit online booking system? Do you know that our software allows you to not only create your agenda, but also to monitor your appointments, clients and your most demanded services? Through the control panel you can access all reports and make a full study of your business. Why should you use the report panel? The report panel is the perfect tool to check your business statistics regarding the bookings and online agendas, notifications via SMS and e-mail, the number of appointments and clients and much more. The report panel allows you to do a full follow up on your business easily and quickly, which will help in the proper functioning of your company. How can statistics help you? Statistics can help you to verify if Bookitit is really helping you to gain new clients. It can serve as a loyalty method but also to make a study about which percentage of clients make their booking online and which ones on the phone. It allows you to follow up on which types of services are more demanded amongst your clients and how many times they book them. This will help you to track their preferences and to provide a more […]

Book through your mobile from Facebook

The widget of Bookitit supports both  websites and your Facebook Fan Page. As we explained earlier, you can integrate your Bookitit application and enjoy the benefits that it gives you. But, how do to let your costumers can book from your mobile through Facebook? We explain you step by step how to get your Bookitit Widget on Facebook for mobile: 1. Go to Bookitit App. 2. Enter the “Integration” section of the Control Panel. 3.  Click on the button “Do you want to see your widget in action? “ 4. Copy the url. 5. Paste the url for and entry in Facebook. Write something attractive as a lure to your costumers and makes the publication. 6. Finally, After the publication, you must go to the tab that appears to the left of the box and leavethe entry as “setting at the top”. Provided this entry at the beginning of your Facebook Page will appear and will be easier to findfor costumers visiting your business. We recommend once followed steps, you write an entry in which explains the performance of your booking tool, in order to report the extra service you offer your costumers. With a few simple steps, your habitual costumers […]