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New Update: Recurring Appointment

We have finished a new update of the booking engine and after Bookitit online quote. In this update are improvements designed to facilitate the booking of your customers because we start repeating appointment in time. What is the recurring appointment tool for? The new “recurring appointment”tool update allows you to quickly record several appointments in one click. Allows you to create an appointment once, and then have it reproduced automatically after a designated time interval. You can make any existing appointment into a recurring appointment by simply using the Recurrence button (Repetición de cita) from your calendar. All your regular customers will be able to book recurring appointment and distribute them as needed very easily. From this new section, the tool administrators can create automatic recurring appointments from the Bookitit app. Automatically, the appointment will be booked and  the day and time will be no longer available to other clients. With the Bookitit recurrence tool you avoid having to manage manually appointment by appointment for each repetition, it is a time saver and also helps you organise your work more effectively. Steps: 1. Access your online bookings from the calendar option where you have access to your online appointments and […]

Bookitit’s Widget for Facebook

Nowadays, social network allows more visibility and recognition to both small and large companies. Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin… They have become an ideal showcase for promotion and they are considered an effective and inexpensive marketing tool. Bookitit knows about this media revolution that is why we offer now our widget not only to integrate it on your website but also on your Facebook page, all included in the same account. What are the benefits of integrating the widget in Facebook? Firstly, Facebook exposes your business to hundreds of users  allowing companies to increase and secure customers’loyalty. On the other hand, Social Networks are not only for personal purposes these days, companies have also public pages with the idea of creating a potential client´s database interested in your business. Furthermore, this useful Facebook page integrates apps to be more interactive with your clients. Because these are public pages, they can reach a larger number of  social network users. We provide a Facebook widget to integrate it into your business page. Take advantage of the visibility through Facebook and offer your customers the possibility to make their appointments directly through social networks; It is easy, fast and saves time only in three steps They can make […]

Llegan los bonos de sesiones al sistema de reservas online Bookitit

Actualmente, la tendencia de los consumidores es la de comprar bonos de servicios. Ésta es una forma cómoda para el cliente, ya que de una vez paga varias sesiones y esto le permite posteriormente despreocuparse del precio cuando va a realizarse un tratamiento. La compra de bonos de sesiones es un buen método de seguimiento, muy útil desde el punto de vista del empresario y del cliente. En Bookitit nuestras ganas de avanzar y de ofrecer mejores servicios a nuestros clientes, hacen que en cada una de nuestras actualizaciones y mejoras del sistema escuchemos vuestras necesidades y sugerencias. En esta nueva actualización, se han incluido mejoras pensadas en facilitar las reservas de tus clientes, ya que ponemos en marcha los bonos de sesiones. Los bonos de sesiones son una opción práctica para garantizar la venta de servicios en tu negocio. ¿Por qué? Porque puedes ofrecerles a tus clientes en un solo pago varias sesiones y posteriormente tu cliente podrá reservar a través de Internet, el día que desee cómodamente a través del sistema de reservas Bookitit. ¿Qué ventajas tienen los bonos de sesiones? La finalidad de los bonos de sesiones es ofrecer al cliente otro método de fidelización. Con un […]