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8 tips to optimize your Wix website

8 tips to improve the findability of your wix website to generate more traffic and convert leads into customers. #1 Make sure your website is mobile-friendly! The battle vs fixed Internet connections (Home computers) and mobile devices is in full swing. More and more people use their smart phone or tablet as their ordinary desktop and in the near future laptops and home desktops might even become history. Make sure your website is fully functioning and adapted on a mobile device. offers a mobile optimization tool. This tool helps you to optimize your website for smart phone and tablet users. Don’t underestimated the importance of this, an easy accessible website keeps your visitors longer on your website and this is what you want to achieve, right? #2 Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Using a Wix website already helps you to improve findability on search engines, but while updating, improving or changing your website, you always have to keep in mind which effect it will have on your google ranking. SEO is more than using your main keywords in the content of your website For posts on your website or a new blog posts you could use seomofo, it helps you […]

The best way to manage appointments for hair salons

Appointments and hair salons are inextricably linked to each other. But what is the best way to manage your appointments and how to get more of them. A hair salon usually has two types of clients. The ones with booked appointments and the walk-ins. So the trick is to manage these two types of clients in the best possible way! As a salon owner and hairdresser, your appointment book is the most important thing there is. Your earnings are in this book and it shows you what your day will be like. But there is an easier way to do is. New techniques can help you tremendously. That is why we think that Bookitit is the perfect tool for a hair salon to manage Calendar and the scheduling of appointments. With Bookitit you will work in a web-based calendar which allows you to receive online appointments from your clients. You and your co-workers are able to manage, change and add appointments to your calendar from any device that is connected to the Internet. Bookitit has several features in one web-based application that will be useful for your hair salon. I will explain the most important features for hair salons here, […]

Must haves for Beauty Salons

As a beauty salon owner and entrepreneur you are always focused on improving your Business. Your expertise is hair, nails, skin care or what service you offer. But how should you promote yourself online and which business tools can help you improve and streamline your business? That is why we would like to introduce you to some Business tools which will increase productivity of your salon. These easy-to-use tools will make your way of working more streamlined, It will make things easier for you and your clients. Online Calendar As we mentioned before on our blog, Paper have had its days. Your appointment book is out dated. It causes confusion, inconvenience for your clients and the worst of them all, Double bookings. It is just a simple step to Set up an online Calendar which is web-based, set an appointment book for each employee and manage it from any device which has an Internet connection. It takes you less than 5 minutes and the gain you will have from it is worth it. Add your appointments manually, and see which hours are free while you are on the phone with a client who wants to book an appointment. It will […]