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10 tips for Small businesses to save money

Are you in a managing function or do you own a business? This article contains 10 easy to use tips to save money, Interesting right? 1. Save money on “Petty Cash” Most of these expenses can be changed with new technologies. For example think of paper calendars, organizers and appointment books. Why should everyone work in its own organizer, it doesn’t improve internal efficiency, teamwork. New technologies are cheaper, more efficient and allow you to oversee every employee his calendar. Appointments are organized automatically and it prevents double bookings. Add an appointment or just interested in what your day will be like? Your calendar is available on any device with an Internet connection. Read more about an online Calendar! 2. Paper have had its days Nowadays we have alternatives for paper ,Now you can have an ecological footprint and save money at the same time. Offer your catalog, leaflets and brochures online. you can analyze to your ROI (return on investment), learn more about your audience and improve your communication with them. Try useful tools like to create your own promotional campaign, select a lay out, design it to your wishes and share it with your social networks. It’s […]

The best way to offer Services Online

Internet has changed the way we do Business. Nowadays we have a list of options to offer our services online. But how to do it!? In this article we will show you a way to manage your appointments in a different way than you are used to. We would like to present you one of the best ways the Internet offers for every professional who wants to offer its services online to his potential and current clients. It is easy, efficient and effective. We, from Bookitit, entrepreneurs and experts in managing appointments and bookings online, would like to give you some ideas on how to increase brand awareness, win new customers and grow your business by offering your appointments online. To explain it in a simple way I will use an example of a professional physiotherapist who opens his own practice and has not the financial resources as a larger physiotherapy clinic. How to increase brand awareness and gain Clients? 1. The first step you have to take is to select which services you would like to offer online to your current and future patients #TIP! Define your services well and easy and sort them by group! This will make […]

A new way to manage your Online Scheduling Calendar

We present you a new feature in our Online Scheduling and appointment application Bookitit. The list view! The new feature shows you in a glance how your work day is going to be like, We have listed your appointments in order of appearance. If you are a team leader you can easily see to whom the Calendar and Appointment belongs, Who the client is and you will have is contact information always available. The list view lists your Appointment in order of commencement, ordered by day. The red code in front of the appointment is the appointment locater, it helps you to locate your appointments at all time. All appointments are colored by the calendar they belong to. This way you know to whom which appointment belongs to. You can indicate if a client shows up for his appointment, a sign will appear in front of the appointment indicator. The 3 icons on the right allow you to edit the appointments which are made online. The arrow pointing down within the circle gives you access to all appointment details and customer information. The pencil in the middle allows you to edit all appointment details and add comments to the Appointment. […]