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Online booking system in sport centre rooms renting · Bookitit

by admin

With the Bookitit online booking system you will enhance the usage of your ressources. Today we will show it in the external use ot the gym rooms. Let’s think about these rooms that the the gym rents to someone (external to the company) so that they can carry out there their activities, such as a pilates coach or a dance teacher. The gym will have to manage who is going to hire the rooms every time, that is because the Bookitit booking engine can be very useful to combine schedules of these self-employees and the availability of the room. Besides, thanks to the online appointment system, the time in which there is no scheduled activity, it can be offered online so that anyone can book it.     For example: if my usual activities let the room every morning free, I will offer in this slot of time the renting of the rooms to self-employees that want to carry out their labour activity there. Furthermore, if I still have some more free times I will offer them in the Bookitit online booking widget to anyone who wants to use it. About how to configure it, it is that simple as […]

How to make the most with the prepayment system with the online appointment · Bookitit online scheduling system

by admin

Do you know what a prepayment system is? How many times have you thought in selling your services online? Do you know how comfortly it is to manage the payments through Internet? With Bookitit you can do it! The Bookitit online booking and appointment system does not only offer your the opportunity to create an agenda and an online selling system, but also let your clients pay the service in the moment of the booking, with no complications, easy, quick and very simple. Why should you hire an online booking system with prepayment option? 1. You save time for you and for your clients. 2. You avoid absenteeism without notifying. 3. You can sell discount coupons or session coupons and charge them in the moment. 4. You will have a better control of your business accounting. 5. You will speed up the sessions with no waiting times to charge the service. 6. Costumer service will have a better quality. In the Bookitit payment gateway you will have several options to offer to your clients in the moment of the booking. If you are interested in using Bookitit Payments, write us an e-mail and we will activate in your Bookitit account […]

Services with independent schedules · Online scheduling system

by admin

The Bookitit Online Booking Calendar is constantly updating and this week we bring some news which we want to show you: From now on, in the Bookitit online booking system you will be able to asign independent schedules to each service and establish different prices to the services depending on the day and hour you make the booking. To do that, firstly, you will have to enter in the dashboard and click in SERVICES OF THE CENTRE and after display the botton OTHER ADVANCED SERVICE CONFIGURATION. The next step will be select the field “Different hours and prices depending on the day/time”.         Once the set up screen is opened we will see different options. The first one will be to asign a specific schedule so that the service can receive online bookings. To do that, we will only have to select the fields of the days of the week and hours in which we want to receive the appointments of this specific service. The online booking merge the schedule that we just have establish in this screen with the schedule of each agenda that offers this service. So, after this merge, in the moment of the […]