Bookitit is an online booking system with multiple functionalities that can improve singnificantly the management of your business, whatever the sector is.

Precisely, once of the advantages of Bookitit is its versaltility and adaptability to multiple sector and business types: hairdressers, beauty centres, health centres, sports centres, sports tracks, academies, training centres, universities, public administrations, reparation workshops, leisure centres, veterinarians, driving schools, photography studios, real state agencies and many more.

Booking Calendar

The Bookitit booking calendar helps you to a better organization of the appointments with your clients. The bookings and the appointments that your clients make online with the services that yu offer are updated in real time to the calendar. Besides, from the same calendar you will be able to include the appointments which are not made online -by telephone or face-to-face- in a manual way.
To add manually an appointment can be done in to ways:

On the one side, it is possible to add it directly from the calendar by selecting the gap you want to fill with an appointment. Once you have selected this gap, a new tab will open in which you will have to introduce that appointment information (the service, the calendar, the day, the hour and the duration of the service), the clients infotmation (you will be able to search it among the clients in your clients list or add a new clients, if it is the case, with all its personal information). Besides, you will be able to introduce, in case that the client has one, the code of their bonus of sessions. Other configurations are refered to the repetition of this appointment in the period of time you want to configure; and the configuration of the clients attendance.

You can also costumize the fields you need for the appointment (for example, ID, passport, gender, age, license plate…).
new appointment calendar
On the other side, through the Quick Appointment option, you will make a manual appointment following the same booking process than your clients. To do that you will have to select the botton located on the top of the page at the right corner:
icon quick appointment
That is, first you will have to select the service that the client wants and after, it will be necessary to select one of the calendars which are associated to the chosen service. Next, it eill be only possible to select the date and time which are shown on the screen. When the appointment is generated it will appear, as the rest of them, in your booking calendar:
new quick appointment
Besides, from here, selecting the appoitment that you want to, you also will be able to charge the service or the extra charges:

Clients List

Besides, you count with a list with all the clients which have made use od any service in your business. This is very usefull because our online scheduling system allows you to have a record with all the bookings that the clients have done, besides having registered their personal information (as their telephone and e-mail). It is also possible to restrict or to block clients from this list.

Services and Calendars Configuration

The configuration of the services and calendars of your business is going to be something essencial to start using Bookitit as a tool for your business. From the online booking software Dashboard you will be able to configure it easily. About the services, you can first create several groups in which, after, classify the different services you offer. In this way, when you create a new service, you will be able to add it to one of the groups you have prevously created. Besides, you can establish a price, the duration of the service, add a short descrption of it and assign a color to distinguish it easily from the booking calendar.
On the other side, each service counts also with an advance configuration in which it will be possible to select different option of service typology: if it is a basic service or if it is a service that allows the attendance to several people in the same appointment, if it is a service that requires several calendars in the same appointment or if it is a service that occupies only one calendar in the appointment but in which several people can make bookings for the same hour (yoga classes, pilates, classes…) . To configure the last functionality, access to this tutorial.

Inside the advanced configuration of each service you will be able, besides, to costumize the message for the notification.

About the calendars configuration, you will be able to establish different categories. So, each time you create a new calendar, you will be able to determine to which category it belongs to. Also you will be able to select the services that the calendar takes care of. In each calendar it is possible to configure the notification options, their independent schedule, their vacations and the appointment or booking options.

Prepayment System

With the Bookitit digital agenda system you will be able to establish a prepayment system so that your clients pay the service in advance in the moment of the booking. The configuration of this functionality is based on the synchronization of your Bookitit account with your Paypal or Stripe account. Access to this tutorial to know how to do it.

Multicentre Version

The Multicentre service that the Bookitit online booking system offers is the key function to a better organization in the management of several centres which are located in different cities, countries, etc., in case that your business counts with them. That means that the Bookitit Multicentre version allows you to manage several centres from a superior administrator account. From the Dashboard of this account you can control all the accounts which are associated, each one of them, to a different centre. Besides, it is possible the creation of restricted access permissions in a costumized way to the employees or managers og each one of these accounts.

Thanks to this superior administrator account you can access to reports of total appointments of all the centres altogether, besides a complete clients list.

In parallel, each account can be managed individually. That means that they will be able to establish their own opening hours, their services, their calendars, will be able to access to the reports of this account, to manage their own invoicing, etc. Each account works as an standard individual account. If you want to know more about the Multicentre version, acces to this article.


The Bookitit online booking program is the perfect tool for your business because from your account you can also control everything related with the invoicing. From charges and expenses to the debts and the cash desk movements. Each one of the section contributes a list with all the movements unfolded and categorized.

For example, in the Charges section will appear a list with all the generated tickets in your centre, which each one will be associated to the clients to which is corresponded. Besides, each one will also be defined by the service it is about, the payment mehtod, the date in which it is generated, the calendar which has attended the client, the person who has done the charge, the total amount of the ticket and the outstanding amount. From this page you will be able also to generate new charges.

Moreover, in the Expenses section you will het a list with all the expenses of your business unfolded and defined by the date in which they had been done, the type, the payment method and the amount that represents this expense.

In the Cash Desk section will be reflected all the cash desk movements made in your centre. These will appear in the same way, in a list. Each movement eill be defined by the date, the calendar, the type of movement and the total amount it is.

Finally, the Debts section is a page in which all the debts that your clients have with your business appear unfolded in a list.

Users and Profiles

Your business Bookitit account does not have to be managed only by one person. You can generate as many users as you want and associate them to profiles. These profiles can be configured in the way that you can select if this profile can edit or only view the functionalities of the online booking system.

For example, you can create two types of profiles: the manager profile and the employee profile. About the users, you will create one for each one of the persons who work in the centre. In this way, the user of the manager can be associated to the manager’s profile and the employee’s user can be associated to the employee’s profile.

In this way, if you want that your clients can edit everything related with the calendar, the settings, the information or the integration, you can select it in Edit Profiles inside the Bookitit Dashboard.

Widget and Independent Links

If you think that you need an online booking system to manage better your business agenda, you first will have to create a Bookitit account and configure everything that is needed, explained aboce. Once everything is set up, you will have to integrate the Bookitit widget in your website. To create this code you will have to follow some simple steps explained with detail in this tutorial.

If what you want is to create independent booking links for each service or calendar so that your clients can access directly to the booking of the service or calendar they want to simplifying, in this way, the booking process, access to this tutorial.

Receive the bookings through yout Social Networks

Nowadays it is essencial to promote your business in social networks. Not only to reinforce your brand, but also to expand it and to find new clients. One of the advantages that Bookitit presents as an online appointment program is the possibility to integrate it in your social networks accounts, besides in your website. That is, if your business counts with a Facebook page or an Instagram account, your clients will be able to access to the booking process from here through the independent links, explained on the paragraph before.

How do my clients book?

If in your website it is available the booking widget or in your social networks are included the independent booking links, the client will be start the online booking process.

To start, the clients will choose, among the options they will be shown, the service they want:
how to book services
In case that the service is offered by only one calendar, the clients will directly have to choose the date they want to attend the appointment. In case that the service is offered by two or more calendars, the clients will have to select the calendar they want to:
how to book agenda
So, in the next step, the clients will have to choose among the available days and times which will be ahown in real time, taking into account the opening hours, the calendar schedules and the bookings from other clients. Besides, the time intervals between appointments will be also configured by you previously.
how to book times
When the clients has already chosen the day and time they want, they will have to fill some personal information to complete the booking. These are their name, their telephone number and their e-mail, if it is a new user. Whereas, if the clients already have an account, they will only have to introduce their e-mail and their password.
how to book information
Once this is completed, the booking will appear automatically in your calendar and it will be sent a notification to the client through e-mail or SMS -depending on your configuration- to confirm that the booking has been done successfully.

Appointment confirmation

In case that you predere to have the option of confirming or rejecting your clients appointments, you can configure ir from the settings of each calendar in the Dashboard from your Bookitit account. So, when a client makes a booking, you will receive a notification which will allow you to confirm or to reject it. When you have selected any of the two options, a e-mail or SMS will be sent to the client to notify the confirmation or rejection of the appointment.


Also, you will be able to configure the sending of notification as reminders, a key functionality to avoid abstenteeisms. In this way, you will be able to costumize notification so that these are sent to your clients the time in advance that you configure previously in the settings of each calendar in My Calendar inside the online booking sowtare’s Dashboard.