How to integrate the Bookitit's widget on Joomla?
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How to integrate the Bookitit’s widget on Joomla?

1. Login as administrator to the panel of Joomla.

2. Go to the top menu and click on “Extensions“. Once inside “Extensions” you must click on the “Plug-in Manager“.

3. In the menu on the left under “Filter”, click on “Select Type” and then “editors”. It will appear a list of results, simply click “Editor-TinyMCE”.

4. At the top you will see “Basic Options”, click here.

5. What you should do now is to seek “Prohibited Elements” . In this section you will find this text by default:


What you should do is delete the word iframe. Now you have the website with Joomla ready to add the application Booking System and Appointment of Bookitit.

6. Go to the section of Joomla that lets you create a new article. Give the name you want as “Online Reservations” or “Appointment Online”. In the text box is where you will paste the text bookitit provides you when you create an account to manage online bookings and appointments.

To access this text go from the Control Panel Bookitit to ” Integration” and you will see a screen like this.


We have available in our website Joomla online reservation system and appointment of bookitit . From now on users coming to your website and want to make online bookings and appointments may do so directly, without having to call. All these online bookings are inserted automatically into your calendar Bookitit Online Reservations.