online scheduling: multi-user version
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It is now available the new Bookitit’s Multi-User version. This new type of system allows you to create different profiles and associated users access to these profiles. The account administrator can make access policies as roles and responsibilities of the worker. Among other advantages, allows you to restrict access to configuration sections of the application that are not used during the day so that inadvertent error or volunteer worker does not trigger a situation that jeopardizes the quality of service of our company.

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In this way, we can configure the system online agendas, booking to the person receiving can only access the calendar in read / write to view, add and edit appointments and reservations mode, but can not change or schedule, configuring automatic notifications or online options cites, among other things. In addition , you can configure whether you can access one of the agendas of the company, to all or a group of them. Through this panel you can make the changes you want.

You have to create a profile by clicking on “Profile” and ” Add Profile”:

- Name it and select what can be edited and what can be seen from the profile.

- You can edit and delete anytime in order to change your preferences.

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