There are administration management tools, online reputation management tools, time managemente tools, etc. Business management tools are a lot an with many different aims.
Whatever you need for your hairdresser, beauty salon, medical centre, physiotherapy, workshop or academy, should have some features so they can fulfill the main aim: manage automatically some department of your business without using necessary ressources for other important tasks of your business.

Next we are going to tell you 10 things that you need now in your business management tool:

1. Automatic or semiautomatic management of the main ain you need to manage: It doesn’t have any sense to hire a management tool that doesn’t solve the lack of time problem or is not friendly with the need of imporving productivity.

2. Total control of the tool: The automatic management mustn’t make you loose control about what is happening or what you need to happen in your business. The business is yours and you need to know what is happening all the time.

3. Synchronization with other devices or tools: This is very important to cross information and make conclusions that gives you signs about how to redirect your business strategy to reach the goals toy have set. Furthermore, this will allow you to manage the tool in any moment from any computer or mobile device.

4. Simple interface to use: A management tool which is very difficult to use or without any basic guidelines will postpone your work. The time management is such important as the management of the different departments of your business.

5. Self-management and settable: Each business has specific needs. This is why it is necessary to search a management tool that can adapt and customize to your business features.

6. Secure and integrated payment gateways: If you are searching a management tool that have a comercial part where you want to offer online your products and services (onine shops, online booking systems), make sure that it has an integrated gateway that facilitates your clients the online shopping of your products or services.

7. Integration wherever you want: Depending on the main function you need on a management tool, this feature is important or not. Following the example of a tool with ecommerce you will have to take into account the possibility to integrate it in a easy an quick way in your website or social networks. To do it, you will also have to analyse where your clients are and which is the channel you choose to make comercial communication with them.

8. Multicentre option or multiaccount: When you are going to choose a business management tool think about the possibility of beeing able to manage many centres from the same tool. There are many management tools that offer the possibility to configure the different independent administrators. Advantages? Saving. You online buy the tool once. Centralization. All information is placed and controled in the same management tool.

9. Business Intelligence: The main advantage of the management tool is that it turns external information in usefull information for your business. Search management tools that analyse your business state and that can give you information about what you need to do or stop doing.

10. Free trial and with no commitment: Your are the owner of a business and you administrate it, but that doesn’t mean that you cannot try whatever you want to buy. In the same way that when you want to buy something in any shop, you can touch it, experience it or try it to know if it is what you want. Search the management tools that offers you free trial, with no commitment and with help support.