Who uses Bookitit?

The Bookitit online booking system adapts to any kind of service that works with appointments
or that wants to manage its booking calendar due to its wide flexibility.

Whatever your case is, Bookitit has got a solution for you.

Sports centres

Improve your sport centre with the online scheduling system adressed to personal trainers, sports tracks, pilates centres, dance academies, gyms, etc.

Bookitit includes a prepayment option thought, specially, for the booking of tennis and padel tracks, football fields, golf courts, etc.

Beauty centres

The appointment application is ideal for hairdressers, beauty salons, barber shops, spa, manicure and pedicure salons and dog groomers.

Take the control of all your clients and their appointments receiving them on your online calendar through your website, Facebook page or Instagram profile.

Health centres

The online booking application adapts perfectly to the needs of medical centres, health centres, clinics and hospitals.

Take a better management of your consultations having a list with all your patients and their personal information. Send them appointment reminders and costumize them.


The administration is also benefited by the online booking and appointment system adressed to public administration, city councils, consulates and embassies.

Optimize time management in any centre avoinding long cues and waiting times to make procedures with the online appointment system.

Escape Rooms

Our online scheduling software also adjusts to leisure activities as the escape rooms. Manage your clients and your calendar with Bookitit.

Create independent links for the booking of each game and let your clients introduce the number of participants which are going to the leisure centre.

Courses, Training and Events:

Facilitate to your clients the registration to the courses, training courses or to events that you offer with the Bookitit online booking system.

With the prepayment option in the moment of the booking, you can assure the complete or partial payment of the course or event you organize.

Driving schools:

In the Bookitit online calendar will automatically appear the bookings of the students of your driving school.

Facilitate the booking for your students and optimize your time with the online booking application. Include the prepayment system for the previous payment of each driving class.

Technical services

Online booking application for workshops and tecnical services.

Establish the different repair services you odder to know what kind of damage you are going to face when a client makes an appointment with your centre.
Manage your workshop invoicing with the Bookitit online booking system.

Virtual secretaries

Manage different accounts from a superior one with the multicentre version. With this, you can manage several accounts from a superior account.

With the Quick Appointment system you can include in the online calendar the appointments made by telephone, which will synchronize with the others.

Language academies

Bookitit is an essential tool for your language academy.
Let your students to book a class through your social networks (Facebook page and Instagram profile) or your website.

Manage and optimize your week with the online calendar in which will automatically appear your students reservations.


Organize your photography sessions with the Bookitit online booking system.
Introduce all the services that you offer and your availability so that your clients can make online bookings with your centre.

Confirm the appointments you want to in the moment the client makes an online booking.

Real Estate Promotions

Manage comfortably your appointments with the clients who want to visit houses with the Bookitit online appointment system.

Organize your calendar and manage the time in your Real Estate Agency offering an improvement in your service. Generate independent links for each house that you offer.