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A room, a group of people, a lot of mysteries to solve and a certain time to escape. These are the escape games or escape rooms that today set trends in entertainment around the world. The online booking system Bookitit offers these new escape room businesses the possibility of their customers being able to book the game by groups online through their website and Facebook or Instagram profile. To do this, the user simply has to select the number of people who will attend, the game they want to play and the day and time within the availability that the Scape Room company offers, as simple as that.     The company receives the online booking in its Bookitit Calendar and sends an automated notification to the person who made the appointment, as well as a reminder of it one time before the reservation (one week, one day, one hour …). The online booking system Bookitit is a very flexible system able to adapt to all types of businesses and the latest trend in entertainment groups such as the Scape Room are a clear example of businesses that can benefit from a system of previous online appointment with notifications and reminders […]


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In order to carry out an adequate work activity, it is essential that the health of the employees or workers is correct. The company must make available to the worker the facilities to pass the medical examination periodically. In the last few months some companies have started using bookitit as an online booking system for this same purpose, that their workers request the time that best suits them to pass the medical examination internally within the company in which they work.     Through the online booking and online scheduling appointment widget the company shows the availability of day and time for the employee to book with the doctor whenever he wishes. AXA Insurance is one of the examples of companies that have opted to bookitit as internal management of the company to schedule the appointment with the doctor for this type of medical examinations. Health is first!

Consulates and Embassies online appointments with Bookitit

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New General Consulates and Embassies around the world join the Bookitit online scheduling and appointment system to manage visas, passports, birth registration and other related procedures appointments of its residents. In a simple and quick way, the user accesses the booking widget of the Consulate or Embassy and selects the day and time that best suits him to be taken care of in the process that he wants to carry out, an advantage in front of the long queues and loss of time of Expects that supposes to go without a previous appointment. The Consulate General of Brazil in Milan, the Embassy of Spain in Brasilia, the Consulate General of Spain in Toronto, the Consulate of Spain in Porto Alegre, the Consulate of El Salvador in Madrid or the Consulate General of Spain in Montreal are just a few of The Consulates and Embassies that in the last weeks have decided to opt for Bookitit like system of previous scheduling and appointment and that they add up to a long list that you have next: