The appointment booking system for immigration law firms has multiple benefits. If you still don’t know what the online booking management application Bookitit can do for you in your law firm, keep reading.

If you don’t know why you need to incorporate an online reservation system in your immigration procedures management office, click here.

Key features of the Bookitit appointment management system for lawyers

Bookitit’s immigration appointment booking system adapts to any type of business. If you want to see how many sectors already trust this reservation management application, click here. In this article we detail the key functionalities for managing appointment bookings in law firms that manage immigration procedures.

Immigration appointment booking system with reminders and notifications by SMS and/or Email

Bookitit offers you a system to send appointment reminders by email or SMS for free. This functionality is key to reducing “No-Show” or people who do not attend the scheduled appointment.

How does Bookitit’s reminder and notification system work?

You can send a notification by SMS and email when the client makes an appointment, modifies it, confirms it or cancels it. The notification can reach both the client and his Agenda (the lawyer who performs the service). And of course, you can configure Bookitit to send a notice the day or several days before the reservation, or a few hours before. In this way you will reduce the percentage of reservations made that ultimately do not occur.

Your clients can book online, in the office and by phone. And all management is centralized in Bookitit.

Bookitit centralizes all the reservations that arrive at your law firm for immigration procedures through a Reservations Widget. This Widget can be inserted into any web page, social network or accessed through a link. This way you allow your clients to make an appointment request for the processing of immigration documents at any time of the day.

If your clients, once in the office, need to make an appointment for later months, you can insert the appointments manually without problem. Likewise, if you receive a phone call to request an appointment, you can insert it from the office. All appointments made and managed through Bookitit will be centralized in your appointment and reservation calendar.

Immigration appointment booking system with prepayment option

If you wish, you can configure Bookitit’s online reservation management system with a prepaid option for the services to be provided. In this way you automate the economic management of the immigration procedures carried out in the office. What is the main advantage? Saving time and resources, thus allowing greater agility in contracting procedures per month.

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