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Online booking and billing system · Expenses management

by admin

The bookitit booking program team keeps publishing new features constantly, this time we launched a new expense management module for managing your business. Bookitit’s online billing and appointment system allows quick and easy expense management. Create and edit expenses, add a concept, a payment method, you can also indicate if it is punctual or recurring, and visualize them in a list in a clear and clean view.   VIDEO TUTORIAL     PICS TUTORIAL · STEP BY STEP   1. First of all, to access the billing system, select the INVOICING section from the top menu.   2. Select the EXPENSES button in the next lower menu.   3. Now you can see on your screen the expenses of the day you are.     4. To see the expenses for another period of time, display the gray menu that says “Today”, and select the period you want to check.   5. Select, for example “Last 7 days”, next the screen will display the expenses from the last 7 days.   6. If what we want is to create a new expense, click on the green New Expense button in the upper right.   7. Now, as you can see, a new form is displayed on the right […]

Online appointments and scheduling system for city halls

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The online booking and appointment system facilitates the management of all kinds of procedures offered by the Town Halls. With our appointments application, City Councils can easily manage reservations for different types of activities and procedures such as the reservation of sports courts, prior appointment for administrative procedures, reservation of swimming pools, reservation of training rooms, courses and events. The City Council, integrating the reservation widget on its own website, offers real availability for citizens to reserve the type of service they want without having to call by phone, users can also request an appointment through the City Council reservation link that is You can send by whatsapp, by email or integrate in the facebook reservation button or in the instagram profile. Given the current circumstances caused by COVID19, municipalities and public administrations need to digitize their way of managing for the public, the Bookitit online appointment system is an ideal application to help manage the capacity in public centers.   In addition, users who make reservations receive through the Bookitit online calendar application notifications of appointment confirmation and reminders some time before the reservation to reduce non-attendance. From the Bookitit online calendar, the same City Council officials can also […]

Integrated Videocall in the online scheduling and calendar system

by admin

The online scheduling system Bookitit already has a new functionality where we can perform services with customers through Video Call. The appointments application itself generates the Videoconference link and this is automatically sent to both our customer and the worker (calendar) that offers the service. The client who has made the reservation receives the link in the notification when he makes the appointment and also in the reminder, on the other hand, the worker (calendar) also receives it by email notifications if they are activated. There is also a button to open the Video call in the appointment that we have in our Bookitit Calendar. It is important to highlight that each Video Call link that is generated for each reservation is unique for each session. The appointment scheduling service with integrated Video call is made through the Jitsi Meet application which, among other features, allows Videoconferencing with multiple users or the possibility of recording the Video call in a Dropbox account. To configure this new service offered by the Bookitit reservation system, we only have to follow some very simple steps: 1.-From the Dashboard/My services we create a new service that we are going to call for example “Video […]