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Free online appointment system for Covid-19 testing · Bookitit

by admin launches its offer internationally for any public and private healthcare center. It is time to put your shoulder to it and there are many Spanish companies that are proving to be up to the task. The last one was the Valencian firm, which offers to selflessly manage, in hospital centers, the online appointment of Covid-19 detection tests or the collection of masks by the population. Given the more than possible saturation of the system, and to avoid crowds in hospitals for the next few weeks, online acheduling system puts all its infrastructure free of charge. This appeal, which started last week through the company’s social networks, is international in nature and is intended for both public and private hospitals. Bookitit is an online appointment system for all kinds of businesses (beauty centers, barber shops, sports centers, clinics, workshops, etc.) that is now being recycled in the face of the global crisis caused by the Covid-19. “We believe that we can contribute our grain of sand by offering a system free of charge to any company or hospital or medical center in the world to manage the prior appointment and be able to carry out the Covid-19 tests […]

The online calendar system that facilitates your property management work

by admin

The property managers are administration professionals who offer services to the owners and owners of real estate, as well as to neighboring communities. It is a complex job that requires great organizational skills and precises and orderly planning. The administrator is responsible for managing, conserving and profiting the real estate of third parties; of mediating between owners, co-owners and tenants – rigorously applying current legislation trying to resolve possible interest conflicts; of conserving and improving the property, taking care of maintenance management, and a long list of tasks that are at your expense. In addition, property management work has been adapted to the needs and demands of current ways of life. Many of today’s neighborhood communities have incorporated into their facilities all kinds of spaces for the development of activities such as paddle, tennis or fitness. Gyms, courts and all kinds of sports venues designed to meet the needs of residents who are increasingly aware of the importance of sport in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Now administrators have also become responsible for managing these common spaces for proper operation, ensuring that users respect the different booking shifts and that there are no last minute inconveniences. In this way, the work […]

Limit the number of online appointments per day and agenda. Online booking system Bookitit

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In Bookitit we know how important it is to be on the agenda and to meet all the requests and needs of our customers in a satisfactory way. Therefore, our booking management system has not ceased to be renewed since its inception. Now, through Bookitit you can set a maximum number of appointments per day for a given agenda (employee, room, booth, track…). The latest news from Bookitit help you to manage your business agendas better, avoiding possible unforeseen events and speeding up the daily operation of your business. For example, if you have a hairdressing business and the services of one of your workers is more demanded than the rest, this option will allow you to limit the number of clients that he or she can attend in the same day, preventing the accumulation of customers and guaranteeing their satisfaction. If you have a clinic that counts with three nurses and a doctor, you can establish a maximum number of appointments with the doctor, taking into account that nurses cannot attend the same patients’ needs, determine a diagnosis or prescribe a medication. With this innovation we want to get even closer to you and your business needs, guaranteeing a totally comfortable, effective […]