Managing appointments for your dog grooming salon is very easy with Bookitit, the online reservation system that adapts to any type of center and helps you automate the management of your business.

If you run a dog grooming salon, you will have realized how important it is to control the availability of the services and resources you offer. Carrying out this management automatically helps you manage your time and resources more efficiently and therefore obtain greater profitability. In this post we tell you all the benefits of automatically managing the appointment of your beauty salon for pets. If you want to know how others do it, we recommend you read how they are managing online reservations at KIWOKO and TIENDANIMAL pet stores with Bookitit

Benefits of managing appointments for your dog grooming salon with Bookitit

Managing reservations for the services you offer is much easier if you do it automatically. This allows you to forget about the phone and have a better organization of time and resources. With the Bookitit appointment system, you can better control the availability of your resources, get to know your clients better, manage payments, analyze your profitability, etc.

We are going to see the main benefits of applying the online reservation management system in your dog grooming salon.

Your clients will be able to make an appointment to wash their pets online: Web and Social Networks.

Managing appointments for your dog grooming salon is very simple. Bookitit centralizes all the reservations of your clients through a reservation Widget that you can insert in a very simple way in the Web page of your business or in your main Social Networks (Facebook and Instagram) through a link. Your clients will be able to book what type of service they need, what day they want it and at what time, and they can even pay online at the time of booking. It is very convenient for your clients because from their mobile, computer and/or tablet they can make an appointment for their pets.

For you it is a saving of time that you will notice in the better management of your business, since you will not have to be on the phone to attend to clients who want to book a hairdressing service in your animal beauty salon. It is also a very simple option for your clients to make an appointment, since it is much faster than calling by phone and can be done at any time of day.

How do your clients book?

In order for your clients to make an appointment at your center, you must first integrate the Bookitit widget or the independent links on your website or on your social networks (Facebook or Instagram). Once you have it integrated, your clients will be able to start the reservation process.

First they will select the service they want, which you will have previously configured in your Bookitit account. When they have chosen the service, they will go on to select the day and time they wish to go to your center. You will be shown the available hours according to the opening hours of the center and the schedule of the agenda, in addition to the time interval that you have previously configured from the Control Panel of the online reservation system.


When you have chosen the day and time, you will fill in some personal information such as your name, telephone number and email. Thus, the reservation process can be terminated and a notification will be sent to the client to confirm that the reservation has been made correctly.

Reduce absenteeism and last minute cancellation of appointments

One of the functionalities that will bring you the most benefits by automating the appointment management of your dog grooming salon is sending SMS or e-mail notifications (as far in advance as you want) to your clients. In this way, each time a client books one of the services of your canine beauty salon, they will receive a notification with the information of the appointment and you will be able to configure how far in advance they can modify or cancel that appointment.

Reward your customers every time they book a grooming service for their pets.

One of the Bookitit features that is very useful for the dog grooming sector is the possibility of generating bonuses. Obtaining the loyalty of your regular customers and the punctual ones takes a lot of time and money. Rewarding your clients for hiring your beauty services for their pets is a good way to maintain their loyalty.

With the online reservation system you can create bonuses for the number of sessions you want for your clients and that not only benefits them, but also you. With the use of bonuses you can create better prices for hiring the hairdressing service for long-haired dogs throughout the year. Thus, for example, clients who contract an annual bonus for “washing, drying and cutting for Bichon Maltese” will be able to obtain a discount for the number of times they go to your dog grooming salon and you ensure the sale of these services all year round . The control of the state of this voucher is carried out from the same Bookitit application.

Improve the management of the availability of the resources of your beauty salon for dogs with the Bookitit online Agenda

An online Agenda in Bookitit is any type of resource that generates a benefit for your business. It can be a physical place of your business, an employee or a specific service. With Bookitit you can configure the availability of all the services you offer in the same agenda or in several, depending on the number of resources or the size of your business. The more schedules with Bookitit, the better contract price. You can read more about Bookitit agendas here.

If, for example, you have a single pet shop with 1 beauty salon and 2 employees, you can contract 1 Agenda and configure the services you offer and the availability with your two employees, or you can contract 2 Agendas (one for each employee) and configure the availability and type of service for each.

If, on the other hand, your pet business has a large number of personal and material resources, such as employees, different salons, different shops in the city or Autonomous Communities. In addition, you can centralize its management in the same reservation system. In this way, you generate data from your business globally, without losing the management of each center individually.

Automate the billing of your canine beauty center

Another of the headaches of every business is the management of collections and payments. With Bookitit you will be able to keep better control of the money that enters your business and how you make it profitable. You will be able to know in detail all the charges, expenses, debts and even the movements of the box of your business. Through your Bookitit account and within the billing panel, you will be able to generate service charge tickets for your clients.

In addition, you not only have the option to enter the amount of the chosen service, but you can also enter additional charges. This is an advantage if your beauty salon also has a pet product store. In this way, if a client has reserved washing, cutting and drying and then wants to take a product to maintain the shine of their pet’s coat, you can enter it in the ticket and it will be reflected in the list of charges within the billing panel of the application.

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