In psychology absenteeism is widespread, but why do patients miss appointments? Cancellations in psychology cause many problems when it comes to managing the availability of the consultation.

When your patients do not come to their appointment you are wasting time and also money. What are the reasons that lead people not to attend the consultation? What can you do to reduce absenteeism and stop wasting time and money? Let’s see it.

Why do patients miss appointments? General list of reasons for non-attendance at consultation.

  • “I have forgotten”: the main reason for absenteeism in therapy
  • “An unforeseen event has arisen”: a very frequent reason for not attending the session
  • “I’m fine”: discharge is more frequent in your patients than you think
  • “I have not found the query”: if your query is not well marked and located on Google Maps

Reduce the absenteeism of your patients in psychology with the Bookitit online reservation system

A very high percentage of absenteeism in psychology is forgetting the appointment or confusing the day and time, although as we have seen there are other reasons. Sometimes it can happen that an unforeseen event changes the course of the day’s programming. Your patient may have had to go to an unscheduled meeting at her daughter’s school. That her car broke down and she got stranded on the road. Or again, you may have encountered a transportation strike.

The vertiginous rhythm of life, multiple responsibilities, work stress, worries, and a long etcetera, may be behind absenteeism in psychological therapy.

Forgetting appointments, a problem in psychology with a solution

Forgotten appointments in psychology are a widespread problem that causes a mismatch in the management of the appointment schedule. This lack of management of the availability of a psychologist’s consultation schedule ends up translating into professional burnout. Being self-employed in psychology is a very general modality, something that forces you to pay attention to a large list of duties and obligations that are not directly related to your professional activity.

Ideally, you could invest 90% of your time working for the mental health of your patients and the remaining 10% managing tasks, such as appointment management with an appointment system for psychologists.

Why do patients miss appointments? Solve absenteeism in psychology with Bookitit.

Keeping under control appointment cancellations and last-minute distractions can help you avoid the lack of attendance of your patients. What can the Bookitit appointment management system do for you?

  • Configuration of automatic sending of appointment reminders by SMS or by email.
  • Programming the time in advance with which your patients can book an appointment or cancel it.
  • Add new appointments quickly and easily when a cancellation occurs.
  • Manage the appointment schedule of your psychological office in real time and optimize your time.

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