The Beauty sector is one of the market sectors that receives the most calls and messages daily from its clients to request an appointment. Bookitit offers you a reservation application for hairdressers and beauty salons that is also a complete business management system.

What services can your clients make an appointment with Bookitit at your hairdresser or beauty salon? With Bookitit’s online reservation system, your clients will be able to make an appointment to get a haircut, hairstyle for a wedding, dye, balayage highlights, get a manicure and laser hair removal. All in the same application that helps you better manage your time to make your business more profitable.

Bookitit is an application that has everything you need to optimally manage your hairdressing or beauty salon. You manage the prior appointment of your clients, you carry out the accounting of your business and you analyze its performance. You can try now the reservation application for hairdressers and beauty salons Bookitit 15 days FREE. Click on this link and register to start managing your business in a more optimal way.

Reservation application for hairdressers: say goodbye to cancellations without notice from your clients.

One of the features that you will like the most about Bookitit is the one that allows you to send notifications by email or SMS to your clients to remind them of their appointment or any change in the time and date. In addition, you can configure how far in advance you are going to send the reminder and how much time your clients have to cancel the appointment or change it.

Why do clients miss appointments? We leave you here a common and general list of reasons why your clients sometimes do not attend their appointments.

  • “I have forgotten”
  • “I have got an unexpected situation”
  • “This month is not good for me to go”
  • “I have not found the hairdresser”
RecAutomatic online reservation remindersordatorios automáticos de reservas online

When you send a reminder to your client, you automatically receive one too. In this way you can better organize the agenda of your employees or resources of your beauty center and thus improve the attention to your clients.

Reasons that will make you love Bookitit’s reminders functionality.

  • You help your clients to better organize their agenda for the day.
  • You improve the relationship with your customers favoring their loyalty.
  • You improve communication with your customers: new and recurring ones.
  • You won’t have to worry about remembering what beauty services you have today.

Configure the prepaid option with the reservation application for hairdressers and beauty salons

Along with the functionality of appointment reminders, prepayment is positioned as one of the most useful features for beauty and aesthetic centers. Perhaps there are some clients who prefer that you advise them on the spot because they still don’t know how you work or don’t know what they want. But all those customers who are already loyal and that you know perfectly well can benefit from this service and so can you.

With the Bookitit reservation application for hairdressers you can configure the prepaid option. In this way, your clients will be able to pay for the service at the time they make the appointment with their Smartphone, Computer or Tablet.

Benefits of using the prepaid function with Bookitit

  • You will not have to carry out this management during your working hours in the beauty salon
  • Your clients will also save time when they come to their appointment
  • Facilitates cash control of your business
  • You can save time and resources
  • You do not have to search for Wi-Fi with the dataphone if you do not have good coverage in your center

Try the reservation application for hairdressers with Bookitit 15 days FREE

Bookitit is an application that has it ALL. Register now in Bookitit and start testing this online booking system for free for 15 days to test all its features. Bookitit adapts to practically all sectors: nutrition, physiotherapy, beauty centers, academies, gyms, consulates, ministries…

Check here the list of companies and organizations that are already using this appointment management application in their centers and businesses.

If you have questions about how to use Bookitit, you can visit the help tutorials to start receiving appointments that we have left you on our website. Or, if you prefer, you can contact us here and one of our agents will contact you as soon as possible.