If you are looking for an app for veterinary clinics, you have come to the application you need. Bookitit is a very flexible Online Reservation System that adapts to all types of businesses. If you have any doubts, you can see how the pet stores KIWOKO and TIENDANIMAL are using this tool in the cloud.

In the same way that the Bookitit online reservation system is perfectly adapted to the needs of a health center or a hospital, it is also suitable for pet medical centers. If you have a veterinary center, this app for veterinary clinics can offer you what you are looking for. Keep reading.

The 4 key features of this app for veterinary clinics.

Bookitit’s Online Booking and Appointment System offers multiple solutions for veterinary clinics. You can see all the features of this cloud management tool here, but we will highlight the ones that we think can help you manage your veterinary center the most.

Pet clinic client list and patient history

If you have an account with Bookitit you have the opportunity to have a list with all the clients that have passed through your business. It will show your personal data and your query history. In this way you can keep a better track of the type of clients that come to your clinic and what type of services they usually demand.

In addition, this list of clients allows you to carry out a much more orderly management. You have access to their personal contact information and you can send them notifications or messages with reminders of their appointments or check-ups on their pet. If anything happens, you can block the client from making online reservations.

Another advantage of using this App for veterinary clinics is, without a doubt, the patient history in the cloud. With this functionality you ensure access to all the updated and archived histories in the cloud, at any time.


Online reservation calendar that is automatically updated in real time

With Bookitit you will offer your clients a very simple way to make an appointment at your veterinary clinic. An online reservation system like this has the advantage of offering a service reservation process in a very easy and fast way.

The online booking calendar of your veterinary clinic will show your clients the available slots and the services you offer. In this way, when they want to request an appointment in your office for their pets, they can do so with just a few clicks. Access to this calendar can be from your website and from Facebook or Instagram.


On the other hand, you stop worrying about the phone. All you have to do is check the calendar to see what appointments are expected on the day. If you already worked with another calendar like Google Calendar, you can synchronize it with Bookitit in a very simple way. Here we leave you the tutorial.

And what happens with the days that you do not open the clinic? To be able to organize which days you open the veterinary center and which days you close for rest, or for being a holiday, Bookitit allows you to configure the calendar. With this functionality you can indicate the holidays or vacation days of the clinic and even of the employee. If, for whatever reason, you cannot attend appointments during a certain period of time, you can also enter emergency blocks so that you do not receive online appointments.

Prior appointment for veterinary consultation with billing and direct payments

The Bookitit online reservation system offers you the possibility of keeping track of the collections, expenses, cash and debts of your business from the Billing module. Other systems only offer you the management of appointments, but you have to pay for the services with another application, sometimes even the billing of the reservations.

The Online Booking and Pre-Appointment System for veterinary clinics has everything in the same tool: in a simple table you will see your clients, the reserved service, the cost and if the payment is pending or completed, you can print the ticket or invoice, and You can also send the service receipt by email.

With Bookitit you save time and money, while offering convenience and agility to your customers. A 3-in-1 tool (and much more) that helps your business or entity manage thousands of reservations quickly and easily.

Multiple agendas for several veterinarians or Multicenter for several clinics

An agenda in Bookitit can be any material or personal resource that can be reserved. For example, an agenda could be a vet, an office, an x-ray machine, etc. In this way, if your veterinary clinic has several doctors, you can create an agenda for each of them. Thus, your clients will be able to book with their pet’s usual doctor or, depending on the specialty.

One of the advantages of this agenda system is the price. Bookitit will charge you only for the number of agendas you hire and will apply a discount per agenda hired. What does this mean? That the more agendas you need, the less you will pay.

If, in addition, you have several veterinary clinics, Bookitit also offers you the Multicentro account. In this way you have as many individual accounts as centers you need, but with the option of being able to manage it centrally if you need it.

independent schedules. In addition, it is possible to assign different services to each agenda.

The functionalities that Bookitit presents are diverse and very varied, which is why the configuration options are so detailed: you can customize your clients’ notifications, establish the price of each service, establish the time in advance of the reservation for the appointments you need for each service, send reminders to your clients about their appointments, charge and manage billing from the application’s billing panel, and much more.


In order for the online booking process to be possible for your clients, you must first integrate the widget or the independent links on your website or on your social networks (both Facebook and Instagram).

After configuring all the schedules, services, agendas, and other functionalities, your clients will be able to request an appointment online with your veterinary center. We tell you in a few simple steps.

  1. First, they will need to choose any of the services you offer. In the event that this service is offered by only one agenda, this will be selected automatically and the client will choose the day and time of their appointment. However, if the service is offered by several agencies, the client will proceed to choose the agency that he wants to attend to his pet.

  2. Once you have chosen the agenda, you will go to the choice of the day and time of the appointment. The dates shown will be those that are available in real time. That is, the opening hours of the center, the schedule of the agenda, the time intervals between appointments configured by the agenda, as well as the reservations of other clients will be taken into account.

  3. When the customer has selected the date they want to bring their pet to your center, they must enter some personal information before completing the reservation. These are the name, telephone and email, in case it is a new user. If the client already has an account, they will only have to enter their email and password.

  4. At the end of the reservation, an email or SMS will be sent to the client confirming that the appointment has been established satisfactorily. This will automatically appear in your reservation calendar. Although, if what you prefer is to have the option to confirm or reject an appointment before it is included in the reservation calendar, you can configure it this way. Thus, the client will receive another email or SMS notifying your confirmation or rejection of the appointment.


As a method to avoid absenteeism, you can send appointment reminders to your clients with the time in advance that you previously configure. In addition, the client will also have the option to modify or cancel the appointment. In this way, if the client is finally unable to attend their appointment, they can cancel it and assign their time to another person.