If you are looking for booking software for veterinary clinics, you have come to the right website. Bookitit is an online booking engine that automates the management of appointments for practically all types of businesses. This way you can make better use of the resources of your veterinary clinic and therefore improve your time management. The most important thing is to be able to serve your patients as well as possible.

The large pet product and store markets, Kiwoko and Tiendanimal, are already using the Bookitit appointment management system

What can this booking software for veterinary clinics do?

Automates the insertion of appointments in an online agenda in real time

In a veterinary clinic, the flow of patients is constant. The request for an appointment can be made by phone, in person at the same clinic and also online. If you have a clinic with several doctors, consultations, and technical diagnostic resources, making an appointment for your veterinary clinic can be a real headache.

With this appointment management system, you can work with a fully automated online calendar that also allows you to insert appointments manually if you need it. The Bookitit reservation calendar can be synchronized with other more widely used calendars such as Google Calendar, iCalendar, Outlook, etc.

How does this calendar work? Well, very easy. You insert the reservation Widget on your website, so that your clients can request an appointment from your website. If you don’t have a website you can put the link in the bio of your Instagram profile, on Facebook or share it wherever you want.

See how your clients book with Bookitit

Automatic management of prior appointment and reservations in different services and resources

In Bookitit an Agenda is any type of resource. It can be a doctor, a specific room, a diagnostic tool, an operating room, etc. So if you need to manage reservations for multiple resources, this reservation software for veterinary clinics is your best option.

Unlike other appointment management systems, Bookitit applies a discount for each schedule you hire. What does this mean? An Agenda in Bookitit is priced at €15.90/month, two Agendas at €26.26/month and so on. The more contracted agendas, the better price. You can calculate the price of your Bookitit here.

This way of organizing pricing allows you to adapt this booking engine to any type of business or sector. Therefore, if you are the only veterinarian in your clinic, Bookitit will help you manage all your services and resources at an unbeatable price and if you have several centers, or work with several doctors, it offers you a very affordable solution so that you can focus on serve your patients.

History and list of patients online

Veterinary clinics and, in general, the health sector, need to keep a careful control of their patients. In health care for pets or farm animals, it is especially important to have a repository with the records of each case.

In addition, with Bookitit you can also access the complete list of all your patients. Why is this functionality useful? Well, very simple. From this list you can directly access the contact details of each patient, the history, you can find out which services book the most, etc.

Finally take control of billing with Bookitit reservation software for veterinary clinics

If you run a small veterinary practice or are just starting out, you may have already realized that running a business comes with many small tasks and many responsibilities that you may not have considered.

The most tedious of all of them is billing control. With this online reservation system, you centralize collection management, expense management, debt management and cash management in a single tool.

In addition, Bookitit offers you a business analysis functionality with simple graphs so that you can analyze the profitability of your veterinary clinic.