There are more and more people who want to be in shape and are looking for the alternative that best suits them in terms of time and money. Therefore, being up to date with an online reservation system for personal trainers is a competitive advantage over other options.

Whether you have a small personal training center, or if you carry out your sessions in parks or spaces in the city, Bookitit can become your online booking assistant. Carrying a good organization of your client’s sessions and optimal management of your work calendar is the beginning of success.

Keep reading to discover all the advantages that Bookitit, the online agenda for personal trainers, can offer you. You can also start trying it without obligation for 15 days FREE.


How can I use the online booking system for personal trainers in my day to day

To start using Bookitit’s online agenda, you only need to have Facebook, Instagram or a Web page. So if you have Social Networks and you don’t have a Web page, it’s not a problem. You can paste the link to the online reservation calendar of your Bookitit and let your clients book their sessions comfortably from any device connected to the Internet.

Through Bookitit’s online reservation calendar, you and/or your team of personal trainers will be able to receive the training reservation in real time with the client’s data. In addition, if some clients prefer to continue calling you or sending you Whatsapp messages to reserve their training, you can also add session reservations manually in the Bookitit calendar. As it is updated in real time, no session will overlap with another and you will always see the available slots during the week.

How do my clients book their training sessions?

Here you can see how the Bookitit online reservation Widget works. This is how your clients will see the availability of training and their appointments.

How to manage multiple sessions, tracks and training schedules with Bookitit’s online agenda

Whether you have a high-performance sports center or work as a coach, surely you have thought about the need for an application that manages the training reservations of several people at the same time for you. Or perhaps, one that allows you to manage the reservations of several rooms or several trainers. With Bookitit’s booking engine you can do all that.

An online agenda for each room or personal trainer

An agenda in Bookitit is used to manage the performance of a resource. That resource can be anything from a specific room or machinery to a personal trainer. In this way, if you have a team of 5 personal trainers, each one can keep their own training schedule. Or also, if you have a sports center with several rooms or courts, you can use an agenda for resources.

Hiring several agendas with Bookitit’s online reservation system for personal trainers is saving money. Because the more agendas you contract, the lower the price. Check the prices of the reservation schedule for training here.

An online agenda for each personal trainer with group training

Sometimes personal training is done in pairs or in groups. For many people this is a cheaper option. So that this does not mean more work for you, but exactly the same, the online reservation system for trainings allows you to open several vacancies in the same agenda. So if you want to open a new training group for 10 different people with the same personal trainer or trainer, you just have to post the link on the platform you want.

People who want to join the training group will be able to see how many places are left and book a time and day to get in shape! You can read here how simple it is.

Receive the money for your training in advance with the online reservation system for personal trainers

If you want to have peace of mind, avoid forgetfulness and forgetfulness or keep accounts quickly and without stress, Bookitit is the application to manage reservations that you need. When contracting Bookitit you have available the online prepayment option, an invoice manager and a Business Analysis tool. With these tools included in Bookitit you will keep track of the income, expenses and benefits of your work.

With the online prepaid option, your clients can pay in advance for the appointment, online, at the time they book from your website, Instagram, Facebook or Google My Business. How do we do this? Synchronizing your account with Paypal, Stripe or Redsys payment gateways. Fast and safe for both you and your customers.

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Try now the online reservation system for personal trainers Bookitit for 15 days FREE by clicking here. If you have any questions contact us.