One of the key factors in the growth of most businesses that offer some kind of service to end customers is the incorporation of an Online Reservation Software that facilitates the automation of their agenda.

The Bookitit Online Reservation and Appointment System helps you automate the management of the calendar, the agenda of your employees, the list of your clients and also to analyze the main data of your business. It does not matter what type of business you have, because it adapts to all sectors: health centers and clinics, aesthetic and beauty centers, sports centers, restaurants, gyms, academies and training schools, leisure centers, dog groomers and a long etc.

We are going to give you 7 reasons to want to use this Online Reservation Software in your business.

Why use Bookitit Online Reservation Software in your business

We show you here some reasons to start using the Bookitit online reservation management and appointment management application.

Saving and improving time management.

Time is one of the most important intangible assets. The management of a phone call to make an appointment at a dentist’s office or a response to a Whatsapp to change the reservation time of a paddle tennis court, requires only a few minutes each time. But, at the end of the day, how many times has this management been done? How many minutes have been invested in such a simple process? The result would probably surprise us.

When the client schedules his appointment online with Bookitit, he does it in a faster and more efficient way and in an autonomous way. Therefore, the time invested by your employees with the help of online booking software is used more efficiently.

Bookitit deals, efficiently and quickly, with showing the available spaces of an online agenda to your client and saving the reservation made on the calendar. Your customers can book or make an appointment without making calls or writing messages and you can offer better customer service to build loyalty.

Visibility of business components with online booking software.

With this online reservation and appointment software, the client can see their needs more clearly. Because? On the one hand, you will be able to see what are the days, hours of the service you need, and at what time you can book your appointment. On the other hand, you will be able to know in a simple way what are all the services that the company offers and their price.

The options are multiple:

  • Create bonuses, so that your clients make repeated reservations over time.
  • Carry out cross-selling of services to offer a much more complete and satisfactory service for your clients.
  • Launch services with a special price on a limited basis.
  • Choose the rates of your services according to the moment of the reservation or the demand.

Therefore, Bookitit facilitates the organization of supply and demand for both the business and the client, which causes mutual benefit. And if the customer is satisfied with the purchase, they will most likely repeat.

Sales and income 24 hours a day

It is no longer a novelty that companies maintain 24/7 communication with their customers. The advancement of technology and automation has allowed companies to continue billing even when their business has the door closed.

Today, anyone can connect to the Internet at any time of the day and buy a product or make an online reservation for a service. The client/company relationship is much faster and more comfortable thanks to online booking applications and electronic commerce.

Offer the calendar on various platforms with this online appointment application

Where are the customers of a company? Where to offer the services so that they are contracted? With Bookitit’s Online Reservation Software, finding your customers is easier. The app works with an online booking calendar, technically called a Booking Widget, which you can embed on multiple digital platforms.

In this way, if you have a well-positioned web page, you can insert it to receive reservations, create online campaigns to drive traffic and increase the percentage of leads that convert. If you do not have a website or your clients are used to requesting an appointment through Social Networks, you can provide them with this option on Facebook and Instagram, through a link.

The online booking calendar is included both on the web pages and on the social media profiles of each business. Thus, the client arrives at the reserve by different means, and the company will always be at their availability.

Online Booking Calendar Synchronization with Google Calendar

We live in a digitized world, but the reality is that processes are still carried out manually. And Bookitit also has a solution for these cases thanks to the synchronization with other calendars.

Imagine that you have your appointment calendar available on the website of your beauty and wellness center, but a client comes through the door who wants to reserve a booth in the next available space. With this online reservation software you can insert the reservation in another calendar. Bookitit will automatically insert that reservation into the online calendar of its software and it will not mean additional management for you. Your client will leave happy and you will not have invested extra time.

Better service management.

Another advantage of automating some management processes with Bookitit is being able to control the service offer of your business. If your company offers a wide range of services and has different agendas available for it, it can be chaos if you don’t have it under control.

With this online reservation and appointment software, you improve the management of the services you offer thanks to its operation through online agendas. An online agenda is any resource that can be reserved: a physical space, equipment, an employee’s time, a clue, a place in a physical or online classroom…etc. The possibilities are multiple.

In this way all the available offer is organized in different calendars and in a centralized way you can easily control them.

Initial payments and online payments.

Finally, one of the most interesting advantages is that your customers will be able to pay online at the time they make the reservation. In the same way that when we buy something in an e-commerce, the clients of a beauty salon or a sports center can leave the reservation paid and forget to carry out this process in the establishment.

Bookitit’s online reservation software facilitates this management through different payment platforms such as Stripe, credit card or PayPal, among others. In addition, the possibility of a total or partial payment can be offered, which implies a saving of time for both the client and the business once the appointment is attended.

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