The use of online prior appointment for osteopaths represents an advance in the management of time, resources and the osteopathy center. Patients demand more speed when carrying out some of their day-to-day procedures and with Bookitit you can offer it to them.

The Bookitit online reservation and appointment management system helps professionals in any sector to manage their business in an efficient and very affordable way. Try Bookitit FREE for 15 days and discover all its benefits for your osteopathy center.

Online appointment for osteopaths: integrate calendars, appointment schedule, reservations from Instagram

Synchronize the reservation calendar for your osteopathy services

Using a calendar to write down your patients’ appointments is the first step to be able to manage the previous appointment of any business. There are many types of online calendars that offer multiple options for organizing your tasks and events.

The Bookitit online reservation system adapts to any type of business, so its appointment calendar for osteopaths offers you solutions for practically any circumstance. As we know that you have been managing the online appointment of your osteopathy patients using other calendars in the cloud, we have included the option of integrating calendars with Bookitit.

You can integrate any online calendar that you are already using like Google Calendar, iCal, Outlook, etc. And you can do it in a simple and fast way. You can see in our tutorial how to integrate online calendars with the Bookitit booking application. If you have questions you can contact support.

Manage the schedule of osteopathy treatments in an automated way

The concept of an agenda in Bookitit is related to people, rooms, machines and in general any resource capable of providing a service. For example, if your osteopathy center has 3 rooms (one for relaxing treatments, another for massages, acupuncture or any other technique, and another for a specific machine) you can set up 3 different schedules that will work independently.

The management of the agendas is automatic because your patients can make reservations on the days and times that you, or one of your employees, have previously configured from the Bookitit online reservation application.

See how your osteopathy patients will book online in your schedule:

Allow your clients to book osteopathy treatments through Instagram

The appointment application for osteopaths can be integrated into your WordPress website or any other CMS, in your social networks such as Instagram or Facebook. You can also receive an appointment directly from your Google My Business profile. So that when a patient looks for you, they can directly access the online appointment schedule.

The Bookitit online reservation system offers osteopaths multiple benefits related to time and business management.

Try FREE for 15 days the Bookitit online appointment application for osteopaths

Register in Bookitit and start using this online appointment application for osteopaths that will revolutionize the management of your time and your business. If you have any questions during the test, you can write to us and our support team will contact you as soon as possible.

The Bookitit online reservation system already works with businesses from all sectors. Big brands like Mercedes Benz, Ikea, Phone House, NISA Hospitals, Mediamakt, Consulates, Ministries…etc. Try this appointment app now and take your osteopathy center to the next level.