It is already possible to manage online reservations for yoga centers in an automatic and easy-to-use way. Yoga is the physical and mental activity that more and more people practice. The practitioners of this discipline do not always have time to go to all the classes and sometimes they sign up for individual classes.

There are already many sports centers that offer yoga as one more activity, and we can even find centers dedicated exclusively to this discipline. In today’s article we are going to explain why the Bookitit online reservation and appointment system adapts to your business and can become the perfect tool for managing online reservations and appointments for your yoga center.

Reasons to switch to online reservation management for yoga centers in an automated way

The Bookitit reservation application facilitates the management of online reservations for yoga centers by automatically organizing appointments with your clients, managing billing and allowing your clients to create appointments online.

Our booking calendar, which is synchronized and updated in real time, will allow you to be in control of all the classes you are going to have in the coming days. When your clients make a reservation for a class online, it will appear on your calendar once this reservation has been made correctly.


Configuration of schedules in shifts with Bookitit

Let’s also imagine that each yoga class you offer has a maximum capacity and, for example, you can only offer up to 20 places for that same class. With Bookitit you can configure the agendas in turns and allow a maximum of 20 people to make 20 different appointments for the same class. At the time of booking, the client will be able to see how many available slots remain for each hour. If you are interested in this function, access this tutorial.

Facilitate time management for your clients with Yoga Session Bonuses

On the other hand, from the Bookitit Control Panel you can create session bonuses for your clients. Session bonuses are very comfortable for you and your clients. On the one hand, you monetize your work in a more efficient way and on the other, you let your clients organize their time. With a bonus of 10 yoga sessions, for example, your clients will be able to attend yoga classes when it suits them best.

Every time your clients make an online reservation with the Session Bonus, they must enter the bonus code. In this way, the number of sessions that the client spends will be automatically discounted and you will be able to observe it from the system. As you can see, the automation of online reservation management for yoga centers has many advantages.

Billing management of your yoga center

From the online reservation system you can also manage everything related to the billing of your center: collections, expenses, cash movements and the debts of your clients. Generate tickets for your customers from the billing panel, specify the payment method and customer data for better management.

How to configure Bookitit to start managing online reservations for yoga centers

So that your clients can make reservations online, you must configure everything necessary from the Bookitit Control Panel. Thus, you can integrate the widget on your website or the independent booking links on your social networks (Facebook page or Instagram profile) or on your website. From here, it will be how your clients will start the reservation process.

Before finalizing the reservation, they must enter their personal data (name, email and telephone) in case they are new users and in case they already have an account, only their email and password. Once the reservation is confirmed, it will appear in the Bookitit reservation calendar in real time.


In addition, you will be able to send reminders to your clients of their yoga classes as far in advance as you wish. All notifications can be customized and sent through any of the two available channels: email and SMS.