The use of an online reservation manager in nutrition translates into better management of time and resources to better serve each of your patients. If you are reading this post, you have already taken the first step: you are ready to automate the management of your nutrition center.

The key functionalities of any business management tool have to do with the perfect combination of time and resources. With the Bookitit online reservation system, you automate the management of your patients’ appointments and automatically organize all your resources. Try FREE for 15 days, without obligation, and see for yourself.

Online reservation system in nutrition: key functionalities

Get to know your patients in detail to design the nutrition plans they need

The Bookitit online reservation system for nutritionists is perfect. Two of its most interesting features for this type of business are:

  • Patient list: having a list with the data of all your patients will speed up your efforts and help you to have a global view of that patient. The data is filled in automatically as your patients book appointments through your website or Social Networks. You can also configure whether you can book online at the center or not, send notifications and emails, etc. Here you can see more about the list of patients.
  • Patient history: this functionality is key in all centers that work with people and their health issues. The Bookitit online reservation system allows you to keep track of your patients by creating different histories and writing down comments ordered by date. In nutrition, this functionality will be key in your day to day. Now you can centralize everything you need in one application.

Reduce cancellations with automatic sending of reminders and notifications

With Bookitit you can send your patients reminders of their appointments and thus avoid the percentage of absences and forgetfulness. Another aspect of this very interesting functionality is that both the patient and the nutritionist receive a notification about a cancellation, time change, etc.

In this way, if a patient wants to modify their appointment, and you have configured in Bookitit that they can do so, when they do, you will receive a notification so that you can restructure the appointment schedule for the day. Learn more about appointment reminders and schedule management here.

Automatic online reservation reminders

Manage the billing of your nutrition center in a simple way

Bookitit’s billing functionality is so simple that you will no longer waste so much time doing the billing and accounting procedures for your nutrition practice.

From the Billing section you can keep a centralized control of the collections, expenses, cash and debts of your consultation. If you want to know in detail the situation of the collections, you can quickly and easily see the total collections made, the number of pending collections, the total amount collected and the pending amount.

If you want to know this functionality in depth, you can do it here.

The experience in managing a prior appointment with Bookitit by Núria Abia, nutritionist in Zaragoza

Nuria Abia, dietitian nutritionist, uses Bookitit in her practice and receives appointments from her patients through her Instagram, by clicking on on her profile.

How has the management of your nutrition practice improved since you used Bookitit?

I started using the Bookitit online reservation system when my team was made up of several professionals, and we needed to manage all the agendas from the same system, in an orderly, practical and simple way.

Now that I work independently, I continue to use Bookitit because it allows me to be in control of all the information I need about my patients, personalize the system and all the data to suit my needs and thus improve customer care. patient, reduce appointment cancellations, manage billing in a very practical way, reduce the time I invest in managing appointments thanks to the patient’s self-appointment option through the direct link to my schedule.

I could list many more utilities that make it easier for me to manage my query.

Why would you recommend online reservation management with Bookitit to other nutritionists?

Bookitit solves almost everything I need to manage my patients. The technical attention is fast, humane and very decisive. It is a company that from the beginning has transmitted security, confidence, professionalism and closeness to me.

They are constantly evolving and updating, which means that my schedule management also improves and evolves at the same time.

Try the online nutrition reservation system FREE for 15 days

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Check here the list of companies and organizations that are already using this appointment management application in their centers and businesses.

If you have questions about how to use Bookitit, you can visit the help tutorials to start receiving appointments that we have left you on our website. Or, if you prefer, you can contact us here and one of our agents will contact you as soon as possible.