The decision to include an online reservation management system for your pet store can be the competitive difference you need. The big pet brands such as Kiwoko or TIENDANIMAL have already incorporated Bookitit into their businesses throughout Spain, the prior appointment management system that adapts to an infinite number of cases.

Bookitit adds a series of benefits and advantages to your business with the use of its multiple functionalities. The main advantage of this online reservation management software is its ability to adapt to all sectors and types of business.

If you want to try this online booking engine and make an appointment now, you can take advantage of 15 days free to try it in your business. We are going to see the 10 main benefits of applying an online reservation system for your pet store.

10 benefits of online reservations for your pet store

Below we share with you the 10 main benefits of using Bookitit as a manager of online reservations for your pet store.

Improve time management and productivity of your pet store.

Bookitit’s online reservation system saves time in managing your business. While you are working, your clients can request an appointment online for their pets. While you are resting, during closing hours, your clients can continue to book grooming or veterinary services at your pet center.

Stop losing reservations for not picking up the phone.

It is not always possible to hire a person to manage the appointment schedule of a business. This means that while you are, for example, bathing a pet, you cannot pick up the phone. The solution so that not picking up the phone does not mean a loss of customers is through the management of online reservations with a system like Bookitit.

This is how your clients will request an appointment:

pet online booking system

Manage online reservations and billing. All in one tool.

Bookitit is a very complete management tool. On the one hand, as you already know, you can automatically manage online reservations that arrive through your website, social networks or telephone. On the other hand, you can handle all the billing and administration of business accounts. All in one tool.

This appointment management system includes an application to analyze the business, control the flow of expenses and income. So you can manage billing in a very simple and easy way.


Do you have multiple pet stores? Well, you have multiple online reservation agendas.

The Bookitit Multicentro option will allow you to centralize the request for an appointment under the same web page. In this way, even if you have centers in different towns and autonomous communities, your clients will be able to request an appointment under the same URL and select the town where they are located.

Reduce absenteeism due to forgetting online reservations in your pet store.

Bookitit offers you a very useful functionality to reduce absenteeism, sending notifications by SMS or email. In this way, you reduce the off-peak hours of your business and maintain productivity throughout the day.

Your clients will receive a notification by the way they choose, reminding them of the day and time of the reservation they have made. In the same way you will also receive the same notification, if you need it. So you can organize everything you need to comply with the service offered.

If any of your clients cannot attend the appointment, Bookitit allows you to relocate it at another time without picking up the phone. You will also be able to receive a notification when this happens and/or when your client cancels the appointment.

Control more efficiently the online reservation schedule in your pet shop.

Bookitit’s automated management is not the only option to manage the online reservation schedule. If a client comes to your establishment and wants to make an appointment in person, you can insert the reservation in the reservation calendar with only 3 steps. It’s easy, it’s fast and you don’t need a different calendar.

Another of the benefits of managing reservation calendars is that Bookitit is synchronized with other calendars such as Google Calendar or iCal.

Loyalty your customers with the launch of bonuses and special discounts.

Do you have new customers and want to retain them? Has any of your clients been hiring your services for their pets for years and you want to have a detail with him or her? With Bookitit you can generate Bonuses and special promotions.

Get to know your clients thanks to the client files.

With this online booking and appointment management system, you can generate a list of all your clients. You can also generate an appointment history. In this way, you can get to know each of your customers better. Knowing what your customers usually need can help you reorganize the services of your pet store and also offer personalized services.

Find out which service generates the most benefits for you.

The analysis of the operation of a business can give you answers to questions as simple as: how can I increase profits next year? Where is my spending going?

Bookitit has a functionality that will help you analyze the performance of your business without the need to take any course or be a great expert. With this management system you can generate very easy-to-understand graphics that will answer your most important questions.

Take care of several pets at the same time and at the same time.

And if your clients have more than one dog? Can you book one salon service at the same time? Yes. With the option to book for several people at the same time, your pet store will be able to serve more than one dog at the same time on the same day at the same time, as long as you have more than one salon.

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