The most important thing in a clinic is to take care of the health of its patients. With Bookitit you can spend more time on your work and less on managing patient appointments.

Because this online booking and appointment management software automates the entire process, reduces management time and saves you costs. In addition, it is used for all types of health clinics: dental, physiotherapy, dermatology, ophthalmology… All.

Advantages of managing patient appointments with Bookitit

Here is a list of the main advantages of using Bookitit to manage your clinic’s appointments:

  • Saving time with a better optimization of resources, thanks to the automation of the appointment management process.
  • Control of schedules and agendas of your doctors, nurses and specialists.
  • Calendar settings.
  • Creation and design of professional profiles for doctors, nurses, etc.
  • Sending messages as notifications or appointment reminders to your patients.
  • Synchronization of calendars like Google Calendar
  • Configuration of the pre-payment mode so that your patients can pay for the appointment in advance if you wish.

Management system for medical appointments and patient list. All in one tool.

By contracting Bookitit in your clinic, you begin to use a very easy-to-use appointment management system, which adapts to the structure of any type of business. Thanks to the combination of Agenda Online and Calendar you can manage your patients’ medical appointments and create, at the same time, a database in the form of a list.

Bookitit reservation software is structured by agendas. Each Agenda corresponds to a medical resource. This translates into the number of doctors, appliances or rooms. The way to organize your Bookitit is up to you. And you have doubts you can contact us.

In this way, our software allows you to configure the different agendas of your employees, in such a way that the entry and exit times and the vacation periods can be taken into account when making the reservation. If a dental clinic has two hygienists and only one dentist, the client can book a cleaning service at a time when one of the hygienists is available, even if the doctor is not. However, if it is a more complex treatment, the presence of the doctor will be required and the patient will have to wait for it to be available. For this reason, our reservation program allows you to link the different professional profiles of your business to certain services or functions, building an online organization chart that greatly facilitates your day-to-day work.

Create and manage the history of your patients during the consultation

In addition to the list of patients in your clinic, each doctor or nurse can create and update the file of each of the people they visit. In this way, the history of the clinic’s patients is created automatically. This history is always available online from any device with Internet and the access codes to Bookitit.

On the other hand, in the consultation with the patient, new appointments can be created quickly. That is, with Bookitit you are saving time but also money. Since the administrative cost is reduced.

Direct communication with your patients

We live with our mobile phone on a daily basis. Make it easy for your patients. Send them information about the clinic and their doctors and their appointment reminders by email and SMS.

With the Bookitit patient appointment management software you can configure the parameters for sending these notifications. In this way, if, for example, you have verified that the best way to avoid the typical forgetfulness of appointments is to notify your patients 24 hours before the medical appointment, with Bookitit you can do it. In the same way, they can notify you as far in advance as you need to cancel an appointment or request to change the date.

The unforeseen exist! You have to be flexible. With Bookitit you can be without it being a problem for the proper functioning of your clinic.

How your patients will book with this appointment management software

After configuring all the schedules, services, agendas, and other functionalities, your clients will be able to request an appointment online at your clinic. We tell you 4 simple steps:

  1. First, they will need to choose any of the services you offer. In the event that this service is offered by only one agenda, this will be selected automatically and the client will choose the day and time of their appointment. However, if the service is offered by several agencies (doctors/specialists), the patient will proceed to choose the agency they want.

  2. Once you have chosen the agenda, you will go to the choice of the day and time of the appointment. The dates shown will be those that are available in real time. That is, the opening hours of the clinic, the schedule of the agenda, the time intervals between previously configured appointments, as well as the reservations of other clients will be taken into account.

  3. When the client has selected the appointment, they must enter some personal information before completing the reservation. These are the name, telephone and email, in case it is a new patient. If the client already has an account, he will only have to enter his email and password.

  4. At the end of the appointment process, an email or SMS will be sent to the client confirming that the appointment has been established satisfactorily. This will automatically appear in your reservation calendar. Although, if what you prefer is to have the option to confirm or reject an appointment before it is included in the reservation calendar, you can configure it this way. Thus, the client will receive another email or SMS notifying your confirmation or rejection of the appointment.

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