An online reservation agenda, an appointment management system, a reservation calendar. All these expressions have the same reason for being: an online tool that allows all companies, regardless of their sector of activity, to manage appointments, reservations and know the status of their business. And this, precisely, is Bookitit.

If you wonder why you need an online reservation system, you may be interested in knowing what are the reasons that make this online reservation tool the best ally for your business. And if your thing is to try new Apps and you don’t want to continue reading, you can register for free at Bookitit here and start using its FREE Online Booking Agenda for 15 days.

The agenda has always been an organizational tool for people and companies. For some years now, with the massive use of the Internet and new technologies, the online agenda has been positioned as the best alternative for companies and the management of their business.

Why can an online booking agenda like Bookitit help you generate more sales?

An online reservation agenda can help you manage online reservations and appointments for your business. And it does so because it automates processes, which are routine and which, thanks to new technologies, you can delegate. But, beyond that, can an Online Reservation Agenda help you generate more sales?

Bookitit is more than an Online Reservation Agenda. This tool represents an entire Online Reservation and Appointment Management System, which also makes it easier for you to understand how your business works. As? Providing you with relevant data and information about the sale of your services.

Let’s see everything you can do with the Bookitit Online Reservation System.

Main features of Bookitit for your business

Bookitit works for Agendas. An Agenda is a resource of the business or company. This resource can be an employee, a machine, a room or a service. It can be anything that generates sales and that the client can reserve. See here how Bookitit’s online reservation agendas work.

Reservations and appointment management:

  • Online reservation by your clients
  • Multiple Online Reservations, ideal for training centers and sports centers
  • Blocking days and times based on needs
  • Sending notifications by email or SMS reminding you of the appointment and giving the option to modify or cancel it.
  • Insertion of the reservation calendar on your Website and/or Social Networks, through a link.
  • Synchronization of reservation calendars with Google Calendar, iCalendar, etc.
  • Reservation advance time configuration

Management and loyalty of clients, patients, students…:

  • Customer database with contact information, access to history of contracted services and blocks.
  • Private reservations only for members or special clients of your business.
  • Patient history with encrypted data for clinics and health centers.
  • Confirmations of attendance at the appointment
  • Video calls, ideal option for online training centers or companies with online events.
  • Reservation calendar in multiple languages

Business management, sales and data analysis:

  • Management of collections and business billing.
  • Management of bonuses for several sessions for your clients
  • Option to establish prepaid reservations and prior appointment for your services or those of your center.
  • Sales reports, knowing which services are most in demand, what days at what times, etc.
  • Cash, expense and debt management center.
  • Management of several centers centrally.

In addition, Bookitit has an App for managing online reservations from your mobile phone for all users of its Online Reservation Agenda, available on Android and Apple.