Manage several centres

With the Multicentre version of the Bookitit booking system

Manage several accounts associated to different centres since a superior administrator dashboard. Each centre can access to its account independently from where it will be able to administrate the needed agendas (employees, rooms, cabins…). From Multicentre it is possible to have access to the control of every account. 

From the superior administrator dashboard you can manage several accounts (one account for each centre)

Handle the report of the total appointments of all the centres

Access to the clients lists of all the centres in a unified way

Create and costumize profiles with restricted access permitions to the employees or managers of each account

Each individual account inside Multicentre, which belongs to a centre, is managed individually: access, schedule, agendas (employees, rooms, cabins…), services, notifications, clients lists, reports, etc.

Definitely, everything that is included in a standard individual account

Each account manage the needed agenda
An agenda is an employee, a room, a cabin, a sport track, a vehicle, etc., it is to say, it is the booked resource.

Each agenda manages individually the service it offers, the schedule, the appointment notifications, the booking anticipation and cancellation.

Centres/Accounts list in Multicentre

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