Online appointment booking system for clinics and doctors

Bookitit facilitates the patient the process of requesting a Prior Appointment from any computer or mobile device, 24 hours a day. The Health Center or Clinic has full control over the management of the Medical Appointment Agenda, making possible a better organization of time and resources. Knowing in advance the planning of the Medical Agenda facilitates and improves the prior preparation of the necessary resources to attend the patient in the consultation.

An Online Pre-Appointment System for medical centers and clinics should make easier communication between doctors and patients, and control over the Online Medical Appointment Agenda.

Appointment reminders and notifications by EMAIL AND SMS

Configure what type of reminders and notifications of appointments you want both your clients and you to receive both by e-mail and by SMS

Management of medical appointments and patient list

Manage all your medical appointments with the combination of Online Agenda and Calendar. Create a database of your patients in the form of a list.

How do my patients book?

Your patients can request an Appointment from your website, Facebook or any other medical portal where you publish your Online Agenda