Why is it important to choose an online appointment sytem?

Computerization has been taken possession in the last years of all work sectors. Papers and bureaucracy have been diseappearing, while we can find more and more computers and tablets in workplaces. They speed up the working day and improve the work. Not only in big companies, also little hairsdressers, car wash, gyms, restaurants, etc. can be benefited from technology advantages. Dispite they doesn’t seem sectors in whicch computering has a lot to do, here we are going to show you how it is possible.

To do that, we are going to ask a question: what is something that takes a lot of time but could be improved easily doing a simple change? Exactly, to establish appointments and to manage them correctly. An online booking system as Bookitit allow SME to manage their appointments automatically, so they stop beeing a problem for the workers. We can find several advantages, which we are going to explain through examples:

To start, it means a saving of time that could be spent in more work hours or in real rest. Let’s take the example of a hairdresser. The time that is used by the hairdresser to talk by phone with the clients to make an appointmentm can be used for starting to wash the hair of the client which is waiting its turn. Or instead of minding the phone in the worker’s break, he or she could actually take a rest.

Secondly, and relating it to the first one, there wont exist waitingf turns any more. With the booking system Bookitit you can establish the time it is going to take each service you offer. This way, the client will know at want time he or she should arrive to be served inmediatelly. So, in the hairdresser we wouldn’t see anymore a lot of people waiting for their turn, which is something we are used to see. Each client would arrive to the hairdresser at the time they have booked the appointment.


On the other hand, it is also a advantadge because of the time manage of the worker. On the beginning of the day, each worker knows how many appointments they have and the services he or she will have to make. This way, time’s distribution will be better. Going back to the last example, the hairdresser will be aware first thing in the morning how many clients he or she will have during the day and which services is going to make: to cut, to dye, to put in highlights… This is also usefull to have all the products you’ll need during the day in case you have to order some products in advance.

Another of the booking sowtfare’s benefits is the control of your clients payments. In the service’s settings you can establish the price of each one. You can not only set up an optional prepayment system for your services, but also, once the service is concluded, in the payment moment, you can introduce if the client has payed for it and how: with cash or card. You can also include some extra charges. Let’s take now the example of a car wash: a client has washed his or her car but he also decides to buy a polish. This way, you can add the extra charge that is the polish and the further price of the service. In case that the client decides to pay a particular amount in cash and the rest by card, you can select it this way, while the total amount will be reflected in the invoicing section, next to the name of the client.
Finally, the Bookitit booking system makes the company’s schedule’s management a lot easier, as for its workers. Also for vacations and the company’s bank holidays. You can set up the opening and closing schedules of your place, further the availability of each of your workers. Furthermore, you can also configure the days your place will be closed because of vacations or bank holidays. This way, when your clients decide to make an appointment with any of your services, they will only be able to book in the available days and hours. This means a saving of time also for the client, who will be aware when your place will be closed and wont waste time going there when he or she thinks it is open.