What is that the clients value in a hairdresser? Which are the key moments in the value chain of a hairdresser? Every hairdresser has got two key moments in their value chains. One is the before and the other one the meanwhile.

The first key moment (the before) in the value chain of a hairdresser is the appointment management, and the other one (the meanwhile) is how the hairdresser makes his or her job.

The importance of time management

The ability of managing time efficiently influences directly in the productivity and so, also in your competition level. Developing this ability will allow you to profit better the workday to have time to perceive how and when you win, fidelize and loose clients.

The first thing you have to know is what is your main task inside the value chain of the hairdresser and which aims you have to achieve. Secondly, you should know how much time does each of the task take and who should do them. By last, you should learn to plan and prioritize the execution of these tasks.

Time management in a hairdresser is directly related to the appointment management. It’s the clients who set the pace of work from where you should restructure the rest of the task: maintenance, repairing, cleaning, managing.

If a day has got 24 hours and yo occupy 8 or 9 hours beeing in your centre doing haircuts, dyeing, look changes… when do you use time to make other tasks that, beeing as important as the other ones, do not make you earn money directly?

4 tips to learn how to manage time and two tools to do it

-Group tasks by affinity and time zone

-Give each task a time of execution and fulfill it as best as possible

-Perceive which are your rest moments and which are your managing moments. Concentration requieres a lot of energy

-Spend a part of the day evaluating which tasks you have done and how you could improve

The agenda is the daily tool of any type of business, but in a hairdresser it turns into the main axis of its working. With an agenda you can plan short, medium and long term your tasks and your employees ones.

The calendar turns into a complementary tool of the agenda. With the calendar you can reflect the plannings of tasks medium and long term and locate quickly which are the gaps and so, restructure if it is necessary the work processes.

Type of appointment agenda – How do I organize myself?

When do you make yourself the question: How do I organize myself?, usually you take into account some economic and generational aspects when you make the decision.
Is it better working with a paper agenda or is it better using an online agenda?

If you have made yourself this question, keep reading.

If with in a paper agenda you cover all your basic needs of appointment management, don’t keep asking. What works for you has no need of changing. You would invest money, time and ressources which could be employed in other improvement aspects.

Now, if an online agenda makes you improve the appointment management process, makes you adapt to a new organization way and, what is more important, makes your business adapt to the new way in which your clients organize their time, then yes, you should consider using an online agenda.

Thanks to the new technologies, there are many and different ways of time managing but, in the end, in all of them there is an essential aspect: analyse first and after make decisions.

Why is it imporant to know that?

What makes you to loose or get new clients is not directly related with the appointment agenda you choose. What actually makes you to get new clients or loose them is your experience and satisfaction inside the value chain of your business.

Offer your clients the way of booking they need. The one which adapts with their time management. Show them when you have available times, how many turns by hours you can manage and when are free gaps. Give them the space of time they need to manage their own times. Once they arrive to the hairdresser, it will be in your hands to close the value chain, with the needed satisfaction to make them come back.