The online booking and appointment system is not only effective for beauty centres or medical consultation. Today’s tendence in sports centres is to offer their clients the online option to book tennis and paddle tennis tracks, football fields, or golf courses. The Bookitit online booking of sports tracks makes possible that your clients are able to book online through your Facebook or Instagram page and through your website. This way, telephone or counter wont be collapsed anymore. Moreover, thanks to the appointment calendar you will able to know in advance which is the availability of any sports track of your sports centre, improving the time organization and productivity.

With the Bookitit online booking system you will have all the advantages of having and online calendar and all the comforts that an online booking system offers both to you and to your clients.

The quick insertion of appointments for the booking of sports tracks and of sports activities is a fundamental complement of the online booking tool because it allows you to control whenever you want and wherever you are at any time of your work agenda.

Booking management gives a complete control about the online booking calendar and about your centre’s availability. When a client makes the booking of any track or sport hall, it appears atomatically in your calendar. Also manual bookings synchronize automatically with the online bookings.

You also have the option of booking sports tracks or halls through Facebook or Instagram. The advantages of these social networks, besides allowing you to publicize your services, is that the app allows you the online selling. If you incorporate the Bookitit widget in your Facebook and Instagram profile’s you will be more visible for your clients, who are constantly using these social media. It won’t be necessary to go to the website because through the Facebook and Instagram app your clients will be able to book your services any time a day, 7 days a week.

From Bookitit we want to make things easy and thanks to our particular and revolutionary widget for time management, it is even more practical making bookings of sports tracks or halls that take maximum advantages of their possibilities. This is what we name as dependent calendar. This mechanism resolves the problematic of shared tracks. What do we understand when a calendar depends on another one? For us, when a clalendar depends from another one means that when in a same hall, track or field, it fullfills two different functions.

For centres with low ressources and infrastructure and that want to offer the same quality than other bigger centres, thanks to that, they will be able to use dependent calendars without altering the general use of online booking. You will take a better advantage of the facilities which will have repercussions on the company’s profitability.

A study conducted in 2014 shows as that a 34% of the registers of 2014 have been sports centres with tracks management. The tendency is growing and the usage of Bookitit is also focused in new sectors that are starting to make use of new technologies to manage and profit their time, as gyms, which use them to book classes or to book sports tracks.