In order for us to use an application it has to be so simple that it benefits and increases efficiency in our day to day life. Otherwise it isn’t worth the time we invest by using it.

With our online calendar you will have an easy overview of what your day will be like. With an organized and structured display and all other features our scheduling application offers, it makes Bookitit pleasant to use. This will help you to be more efficient and it will improve your productivity.

Each feature of our application has been developed with the user in mind. Customer experience is an important factor during the development of Bookitit.

How does the Online Scheduling Calendar work?

Bookitit automatically synchronizes all your appointments into one calendar. This means that the appointments that are being made on your website or Facebook page by our widget are all in the same calendar as well as the appointments that are being done on location or by phone and are added into Bookitit manually. The Calendar shows you very clearly which calendars there are and which services they offer. Each calendar can be indicated with its own color.

4 ways to Display your Online Scheduling Calendar

Bookitit has 4 ways to oversee your Calendar. Go to calendar and select on the upper right your preference by clicking on the pointing down arrow inside the circle. Select View Per day, View per Week, View per Calendar and List view.

1. Day View

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The view per day shows you all reserved hours of a particular day, sorted by hours. If you manage more than one Calendar, assign a different color to every calendar and you can see in a glance who is responsible, client information and the type of service for each appointment.

2. Week View

Click on the image to try Bookitit and all of its features 15 days for free!

The view per week shows you all reserved hours during the week. Use the view per week if you want to add an appointment manually. While you talk to your client on the phone you can see all available hours during that particular week and suggest them to the client on the phone. This will shorten the process of finding suitable times for both parties and prevents double bookings.

3. Calendar View

Click on the image to try Bookitit and all of its features 15 days for free!

With the View per Calendar you can see the appointment for each calendar separate. You check the availability for a particularly employee  or block his Calendar during holidays or cancel his appointments of the day when he or she calls in sick.

4. Listed View

Click on the image to try Bookitit and all of its features 15 days for free!

The list view shows you in a glance how your work day is going to be like, We have listed your appointments in order of appearance. If you are a team leader you can easily see to whom the Calendar and Appointment belongs, Who the client is and you will have is contact information always available.

Our online scheduling application allows you to block a Calendar. When you block a Calendar clients or customers are not able to book reservation or appointments in this Calendar on certain hours or days. This could be useful when one of your employees that offer a certain service are out, are on holidays or what ever reason there might be. Using these features allows you to fully adapt your online calendar and will make scheduling easier for you. Besides for clients it will be more transparent to make an online appointment with you.

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