Google is changing constantlty to grant better results to users. Users who have a websitef or professional reasons have to attend some requirements to be well positioned on the Internet. One of these requirements is that the loading time is quickly. This is a problem both for the Google algorithm as for the users that get impatient oif the loading time is slow. When this happens they abandone the website. All that means that loading time should be a good experience in the value chain of your services.

It is important to measure the web’s speed to prove if it really goes slowly. If it is slow, it is a problem for the Google algorithm that follows in web positioning, and for impatient users who abandone the website.

But, what does the loading time to do with web positioning? Actually it is a factor that influences in Google’s position (and Bing, Yahoo…). It’s taken in account the necessary time to charge the first byte of the page. So, it is an important factor to positioning because the pages which are quickly by loading their first byte are usually well positioned in Google.

A lot of websites notice a huge change in the traffic after optimizing their loading speed. Loading speed is the first key for a good user’s experience, which should be one of our main aims. It is difficult to reach traffic in your website if your visitors have to wait 10 seconds to see your content.

Here are some advices to have a quick loading time for your website:

1. How can you know your website’s loading speed?

If you want to improve your website’s loading speed, there are some steps to follow. Firstly it is necessary to measure the website’s speed. To do this, we have: Google Site Speed, WebPageTest, Web Speed Test, Page Speed Online, Slowcop.

They are advanced tools which test your website in different browsers, and detect the most slowly areas of the websites. They also inform you about the website’s average speed, the first byte, the user’s time, the complete time to charge the website, the image percentage, htmls. JavaScript files, etc. This is very usefull if you want to solve problematic areas.

This test could take some time for a big website, but you should be patient because it gives you detailed information about everything.

2. To change to a quicker server

Choosing the appropriate hosting is one of the most important decision for your web. If the server is slow, your website will usually be also slowly. This could happen due to different reasons: the kind of hosting contract or if the capacity of it is very limitated.

3. To reduce the weight of the images

To do that, you will have to reduce the images or to compress them. There are several images compressors, but we recommend Panda PNG, which compress without loosing quality. This will speed up the loading time of your website.

From Bookitit we want your website to be quickly and optimum so your booking widget can be a value added to your business.