If you are using Weebly as your website manager and you would like to receive only appointments and bookings from your customers. Read these few steps and add your Online Scheduling widget to your Weebly website.

Step 1: Enter your Weebly account and go to the page where you would like your customers to make Online Appointments and Online Bookings in your Online Scheduling Application. In order to improve appearance we suggest you make an Online Appointment or Booking page like we did in the image below.

Step 2: Now you are at the page where you would like to add your Online Scheduler, You are able to add an introduction text above you Online Scheduling widget. You can do this by dragging the text button on your page.

Step 3: Now it is time to add the Online Scheduling Widget to your Website. Click on the 3 dots on top of the menu left and drag “Embed Code” to your website, underneath your introduction text. The text “Click to set customer HTML” Will now appear on your page.

Step 4: Open a new tab and go to your Bookitit account. Log in and go to Bookitit Dashboard. Select integration in Bookitit Dashboard and Copy the HTML code on the right of the integration page.

Step 5: Now Paste the HTML code from the Bookitit integration page to the Weebly page as we did in the image below. If you paste the HTML code, The Online Scheduling widget will automatically show up in a few seconds.

Now go to preview and see how your website look likes with an Online Scheduling Application. When the page or website is published the Online Scheduling widget will work right away!

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