Probably your school organizes several extracurricular activities as dance, music classes, sports, etc. Having a good management of the classes, of the schedules, the students and the payments, among other things, is not simple. Because of that, a good solution is counting with an online booking system.

How can an online booking app as Bookitit benefit your school?

1. Payment control

From the Bookitit invoicing panel you will know all the students that have made the payments of the activities. You will be able to make the charges from this same panel and control, in the same way, the debts and the expenses.

Besides, it is possible to establish a prepayment system, which could be total or partial, to assure yourself the payment of the activities. If you decide adding a prepayment system you can choose between Paypal and Stripe as payment gateways.

2. Better organization and coordination

The children’s parents would only have to make the booking of the activity online, choosing the date and the available times. When the booking is done it will be incorporated automatically in the Bookitit Booking Calendar, from where the teachers will see it.

On the other side, the automatic sending of reminders will avoid lack of assistance or delays in the activities. Besides, with the possibility of letting customized notification by service type, you will be able to note everything necessary for the activity. For example, if it is about a swimming class, you could remind the need of own flip flops and swimming hat.

3. Save work

With an online program to schedule appointments, picking up the telephone is no more necessary. The bookings appear automatically in the calendar without you doing nothing. This will lead to a time saving that can be used for other works of the extracurricular activities.
How to use Bookitit with your center?

Register all the extracuricular activities in the system, put a price, describe the activity and establish the schedule.

Create agendas by turns, in the way that it is possiblde to make several bookings for each activity. That is, if it is about a groupal activity, establish the maximum persons that are going to be able to make independent bookings for it. You also will be able to show the available slots that are left for each activity in each offered hour.

Establish a prepayment system so that the activities must be payed in the moment of the booking and so, you can forget about worrying. However, control all the charges, expenses, debts and cash desk movements from the invoicing panel from Bookitit.

Configure the calendar view that adapts better to your needs. On the day view you can organize the activities short term and, with the week view, you can be knowing the work level that you are going to have the next days.