There are several advantages and benefits that Bookitit can contribute to your business as an online booking system. One of them is the possibility to take control of the charges, expenses, cash desk and debts of your business from the Invoicing section.

To know in detail your business charges, go to the Charges sector inside the Invoicing board. Once you are inside, you will see at the top of the page at the right the total number of done charges, the total number of pending charges, the total amount charged and the charge pending total amount.





Below, you will be able to see a list with all the done charges and each one of them will have the following details:

• The ticket number
• The name of the service or product
• The method of payment
• The date in which the ticket is generated
• The calendar that has served the client
• The person who has done the charge (the user that is logged in Bookitit)
• The pending payment amount
• The total amount

In case that you want to view a more specific list of charges, it is possible to filter by dates. So, you can introduce the interval in which you want to have information about the charges.




Besides, you can export the list to Excel clicking the botton “Download Excel”, located on the right side , next to the date filter.





In the same way, if you want to make a specific search of all the charges of a specific service or product, method of payment, client, calendar or person who has done the charges, you can select it in the corresponding boxes on the top of the list.





Each charge has the option of edition and cancellation. It is not possible to remove a ticket, it is only possible to cancel it and it will appear like this:





If you want to edit the charge, select the botton “Edit” and a new box will appear at the right side where you will be able to modify the content of the boxes.





You also have the possibility to print the ticket or to send it by e-mail to the client selecting the bottons at the right. Select the first one if you want to print it and select the second one if you prefer to send it by e-mail:

If the ticket is sent my e-mail correctly, a warning notification will appear:





To generate a new charge, select the botton “New Charge” located at the right corner on the top of the list. After that, a new box will appear at the right in which you will have to fill the charge information.

This function will be usefull both by generating a new charge of an appointment and if you want to indroduce a ticket of a product sale (for example a shampoo) without the need of having an appointment in the booking calendar for this ticket.





You will have to introduce the name of the service that the client has required and the corresponding amount. If the client has used more than a service, you can add new services selecting “Add new service”. New boxes will unfold in which you will be able to introduce the services and their corresponding amounts.




Below the services, in case that the client has bought any additional product, you can introduce it selecting “Add the charge of a sale”. Same as before, some boxes will unfold in which you will be able to introduce the name of the product and its corresponding amount.





After, you will have to introduce the payment method. Here, there will unfold three options: card, cash and credit system. Select the one that the client will use and introduce the amount he or she is going to pay.

Before finishing, introduce the following information: the clients name, the calendar which has served the client and the person who is doing the charging (the user that is loged in Bookitit). To complete the charge, click the botton “Charge” and your ticket will appear on the list.