You have a music academy with a large staff of teachers who teach various instruments and consider that organizing all classes with your students ends up being expensive and takes time to devote to other tasks. Therefore, you see that hiring an online booking system is the best option to get rid of this problem.

Bookitit is an online booking software that will help your music academy and manage all appointments automatically without worrying about anything. In today’s post we will tell you how you can use our application in your business.

In order for your students to start making reservations for their online classes you have to make a few basic configurations, which are summarized in registering the services you offer, the agendas and the schedule of your center.

First, configure the services. These will be the different classes you offer. For example: Piano class, Saxophone class, Violin class, Flute class, Singing class, Music class, etc. Within the settings of the services you will have to establish its price and its duration. It is interesting to set a prepaid amount. That is, if you prefer, your students can pay you the partial or total amount of the class at the time of booking.

Next, you must establish the different agendas of your business, that is, the teachers. Create all the agendas you need and award them the services that each of them offer.

Finally, set the schedules. On the one hand, the opening hours of your center, which will be the hours in which your business will remain open. However, you must also set the independent schedule for each of the agendas, so that your students can book only during their teacher’s work schedule.

Once you have made the basic settings, you can integrate the booking widget on your website or social networks (Facebook and Instagram), from where your students can book their classes.

An interesting aspect of our online booking system is the creation of session packages. You can create different bonuses for the number of classes you want and award them to each student. In this way, each time they make a reservation, they can enter the code of said voucher so that the classes are discounted.

How do my students book?

Your students will access your website or your social networks, from where they can see the booking widget. Here, you must first select the service you want. For example: Violin class.

Then, they can choose between the agendas that teach violin lessons. Suppose you have three violin teachers in your music academy. In this way, the student will choose the one he likes best.

When they have their chosen teacher, they will have to choose the date and time of their next class. All dates and times shown will be those available in real time.

Finally, if the student has never registered, you must enter some personal information such as your name, phone number and email. Students who already have an account will only have to enter their email address, password and, if they have one, the code of their session bonus.

When this short process is finished, the reservation will be included in the Bookitit Booking Calendar automatically.