If you have a tattoo studio you will know the importance of being present on the Internet, with a website or with social networks, to approach your clients as much as you can. You also will know that is necessary to show your work in any of these platforms. It is about to allow the clients of finding everything they need only with a glance. The customers that can make all the searching process at once will be more satisfied. Because of that, giving your clients the possibility of making the appointments from your website or social networks are just benefits.

Managing all the appointments of a tattoo studio that has different tattoo artists is complicated. You have to keep in mind the opening hours of the center, the schedule of your workers, the different appointments of your clients, what is what your clients want, have all the necessary products prepared, etc.

The online booking systems make all these managements easier because they automatize them. That’s why they are essential tools for any kind of business that needs appointments with their clients. In this post we are going to explain you how to configure Bookitit for your tattoo studio.

To start, you have ti establish the opening hours of your center. This step is very important so that your clients know from which time to which they can go to your studio.

After, you will have to establish the different services that you offer. For example, you can establish the services by your tattoo sizes, since this will determine the duration of it. That is, the services can be corresponded to a small tattoo, a medium tattoo or a big tattoo.

Each service can be configured in the way that you establish its price, the duration, add a description, assign a color, etc. Besides assigning a price for the service, you can also assign a quantity which will be payed in the moment of the booking through a prepayment system. This will assure you the complete or partial payment of the service that the client has selected. But it also will be more comfortable for the client, who will be able to pay it in the moment of the booking and forget about further payments.

Once the services that your studio offers are configured, you will have to generate the agendas. The agendas will be each person who works in your center and offers the services. If in your tattoo studio you have hired three tattoo artists, you will have to create three agendas. In this way, the clients will be able to choose which tattoo artist they prefer.
Besides, each agenda can be configured with its own independent schedule. This is necessary so that the clients won’t book appointments in hours in which their tattoo artist doesn’t work.

Other of the advantages that Bookitit have is the possibility of generate charges from the invoicing panel. That is, you can create tickets to your customers not only form the hired service, but also of additional charges. These can be, for example, the products that you sell in your studio.

All the charges, but also the expenses, debts and cash desk movements of your center, will be collected in the invoicing panel, which you can see whenever you want.

Other of the advantages of Bookitit is the appointment confirmation. Normally, when a client makes an online appointment, this is automatically incorporated in the Booking Calendar. However, if you configure the option of the appointment confirmation, before the booking is added to the calendar, you will be sent a notification from where you will be able to confirm it or reject it. Once you have confirmed the booking it will appear in the Bookitit Booking Calendar.

Besides, to avoid absenteeism or forgetfulness of the clients, you can configure reminders. These are automatically sent to your customers by e-mails or SMS with the anticipation time that you want with the aim of remind them their appointment in your tattoo studio.

How do my customers book?

Once you have integrated the Bookitit booking widget in your website or social networks (Facebook and Instagram) your customers will be able to start with the booking process.

First they will have to select the service they want to, which in this case will be select the type of tattoo they want depending on the size.

Once the wanted service is chosen they will have to choose the agenda they want to be attended by. That is, if your tattoo studio counts with three tattoo artists, the customers will be able to choose among these agendas.

After, they will have to choose among the available dates and times for the agenda they have chosen. There will be only shown the ones which are available in real time.

Once they have finished with the date and time choice, they will have to introduce some personal information if they don’t have an account. These are the name, e-mail and telephone number. Any of these fields can be modified if you want so.

In case that the clients already have an account, they will have to introduce only their e-mail and password.

The booking process has already finished and the appointment has been introduced in the Booking Calendar. However, if you have configured the appointment confirmation, first you will have to confirm it from your e-mail before this is included in the calendar.