To join courses is more and more usual to keep training and studying. Every day hundreds of people search on the Internet training courses that offer companies, academies or other centres. The conmfort that Internet offers in this aspect is fundamental to contribute the searching. In the same way, users search this same comfort at the time of register in these courses and make the payments. This means to be able to do all these processes without worrying about taking the phone or going to the centre.

If you offer training courses or events don’t hesistate to facility things, not only to your clients, but also to you. To automize the registration process to a course or event with an online booking system as Bookitit will speed up the bureaucratic processes of your centre and you will obtain a higher control of your clients and of the registrations.

Our booking software is adaptable to any kind of business and, therefore, Bookitit will turn into your favourite tool of your centre. One of the functionality of the program and that adjust to your needs is the possibility to offer a service to many people. That means that you can configure bookings for several persons at the same time. Let’s take the example of a ceramic workshop that takes place a Monday from 16:00 to 20:00 and that has places only for 30 persons. Once you have this set up, your clients will be able to see in the moment of the booking how many available places are left.
Moreover, you can assure the payment of the courses thanks to the prepayment system that our online booking system offers. To do that, you will only have to synchronize your Bookitit account with your Paypal or Stripe account. So, your clients in the moment of the booking will be able to do the whole or partial payment of the course.

On the other side, you can control your clients in the section of Reports. Here you can obtain a report with information about all the clients that have booked in your centre, as well as of their payments, dates, etc.

Something obvious is that the more clients your business has, the more complicated the administrative and bureaucratic process will be. But, why would you complicate it if nowadays we can find ways to speed up these processes and also facilitate it to our clients?

How do my clients book?

Your clients will access to the booking widget that you will have integrated in your website, Facebook page or Instagram profile. Here they will be shown the different courses or events that your business offers.

Once your clients have chosen which course they are going to join, they will have to choose which day and time they want to go to the course among the available hours.
In case that you have established the prepayment system, the client will have to pay first through Paypal or Stripe the quantity that you will have chosen and set up previously.

Before finishing the booking, the clients will have to introduce some personal information as their name, e-mail and telephone number. Once they have completed the booking, it will appear automatically in your Bookitit calendar.