The Bookitit online booking system adjusts to any type of business and this week we bring you the advantages about our software in Real Estate Promotions.

There are several benefits that Bookitit can contribute to Real Estate Agencies, because of its plurality of functionalities that adapt to the needs of any situation.

In case of real estate promotions, the Bookitit functionalities that can be profited the most are the creation of independent links for each house. This means that, with the creation of these links, the booking process simplifies. So, each link will be adressed to the booking of a certain house visit.

When the client clicks in the link the steps of choosing the service or the calendar (the house) of the booking process are skipped. So, the client will be directly go to the choice of day and time of the visit.

Managing all the houses visits with your clients is not a simple task, therefore the Bookitit booking calendar will help you having a better organization of your clients and your appointments.
The online appointments will appear directly in your booking calendar and will synchronize with the rest of them once the client has done the booking. So, at any time the client can see at real time your availability. In this way, waiting times, delays or abstenteeisms are avoided.

Besides, you can configure with how much time of anticipation you want that your clients make the booking. This is very usefull to have a better preparation and organization. Let’s take the example that you need that your clients book a week in advance to condition the house and to prepare the visit. It is that simple as configure it this way from the Bookitit Dashboard and the system will only allow your clients to book in this way.

How do my clients book?

In case that your clients access to the booking widget from your website, they will be shown all the houses that you offer to visit. The clients will choose one and after will choose the day and time that they want among the available options. Before finishing the booking, they will have to introduce some personal information such as their name, e-mail and telephone. Once the booking is completed, it will appear automatically in your Bookitit calendar.

In case that you create independent links for each house that you offer, the client will directly select the link in which he or she is interested and this will adress him or her to the day and time choice.